Margarita Veverica - NAC Champion

Iíve always been active. I like dancing, jogging and cycling. And then, one day I was watching sports videos on YouTube and saw Yekaterina Ustanova, a Russian bikini model. I decided that I want to be like her. She inspired me to take part in Miss Bikini Latvia, a project for girls who had come to gym for the first time like me. We were training for two months before coming on stage. I came second and from that moment on I decided that I want to dedicate myself to sports and competitions on a professional level.

I try to keep myself in shape throughout the year. My pre-competition weight differs from my regular between 3 or 4 kilograms. 2 months before stage, I exclude fast carbs like sweets, fruit, as well as dairy. Also, I consume more low-fat protein. However, when I am building muscle mass in off-season, I eat protein and carbs 50/50 and consume vegetable fats more (nuts, oil).

Iíve tried out a lot in terms of nutrition during my trainings. And I have sorted out my perfect diet that works for me: a lot of low-fat protein, fish, vegetables, vegetable fats and a little bit of high carbohydrates before work outs. I donít like diets where fats are severely limited. Fats are necessary for our body. If I donít consume fats Iím constantly feeling hungry, and my hair and nails become brittle. My favorite sources for fat are avocado, nuts and salmon.

Cardio is topical for me at all times, no matter the season. Even off-season, I always do 30 min cardio after weight training. I always try to diversify my work outs. I constantly change programs to trick my body. I work out 4 days a week in off-season and 6 days a week 6 weeks before competitions. My workouts become more intense with various super-sets and plyometric exercises. This helps to get the desired muscle definition.

My love for stage comes from childhood. When I was practicing dancing, we would often perform with our troupe. Sure, my first appearances on stage for fitness were nerve-wracking but now Iím enjoying it a lot. Because it takes hard work and quite some time to gain my peak shape. So when it happens, itís a celebration every time.

My most unforgettable emotions are from the latest World Championship NAC of course, where I got the absolute champion title in SHAPE nomination. I purposefully was training for this day for 6 months. I did everything I could but never had I expected such a success. This trip will stay with me forever. We were a very friendly team. All of our sportsmen came in good places. And afterwards, we all celebrated our success with a lot of delicious food that we had longed for.

Time flies fast and autumn season is coming soon enough. Iím planning to participate in Ms. & Mr. Universe in Hamburg. I have plenty to work on. Even though I came first now, I canít lay back. There are many participants in Miss Shape category, especially on an international level. I also have started to train girls who want to have beautifully toned body. I believe I am experienced enough and I have few trick to share.

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