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Update, August 2017

Well a lot has happened in a couple years! My last show was in 2014. I competed in the figure class and took the direction of the judges and decided to put on some more muscle mass and try to lean out the lower half of my body. I had 3 different coaches in that span of time (from 2014- present, actually 4 counting my most recent coach). I can't stress enough that it is important to mesh well with your coach and make sure you are on the same page.

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My 3rd coach at 4 weeks out of my first competition in 3 years decided he was done prepping people "retiring" as he put it and that left me high and dry at 4 weeks left until I made my re entrance to the stage. Naturally in a sheer panic I searched everywhere that day for a coach that would be willing to take me on as a client. Not many coaches would do that, matter of fact I got turned down several times. One coach, my new coach, took me on and we put in hard work for 4 weeks for the NPC Golds Classic on June 17 of this year. He got me to 5% bodyfat at 119 pounds on stage. I revisited Wilmington, sc where I first entered the stage 3 years prior.

I felt confident that I was the most muscular and most conditioned. Low and behold North Carolina NPC does not look for a muscular or conditioned look in the figure category and my hope for a top 3 spot were shattered. I placed 5 out of 6.

Disappointment is the least of the emotions that I felt. I had several people approach me stating I should have placed higher and they couldn't believe the results- I was the crowds champion. I can assure you getting the top 3 meant more to me than anything and I assure you it meant more to me than anyone on that stage with me. But, Dreams of a national stage were getting dimmer. Normally discipline and being head strong and determined is my strong suit but something about this show broke me a little bit and I slacked off for a day, then would be strict and so on and so forth until the next planned show of August 5th.

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This show, again, did not go as planned and I took 5 out of 9 girls. So the decision to do the next show was already floating around my head the moment I didn't make first call outs on that stage. One thing I can say is that I will not give up. I refuse to throw in the towel. Because I am so passionate about making a career out of helping others and setting an inspirational example of not giving up and chasing your dreams.

My diet and workout regime leading up to these two shows was intense and grueling. I won't begin to even sugar coat that. I was creating a 2500-3000 deficit just to try to drop the weight and bodyfat quickly and consuming a mere 600-800 calories per day. This is NOT a diet to do on a regular basis and one must very strategically plan and reverse diet coming out of the show prep, so I don't recommend it without a health care professionals guidance.

Currently I am taking a breather from this summer's competition scene. I am leaning toward physique because I was told I am too muscular for the figure class and quite honestly I love my muscle and want to continue to grow and develop my weaknesses.

This whole summer was a challenge as far as dieting/ time/ finances/ energy. I literally put absolutely everything I had into trying to get a top 3 spot so I could debut on a national stage. This all can really mess with your head and I did reach a low point and slight depression due to not placing accordingly. However every failure leads to success and improvement and that is a big lesson that this summer has taught me. Do not quit!

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Being an athlete makes a social life pretty limited. There is no going out with friends when you haven't finished your workouts or meal prep for the day. This lifestyle involves a lot of sacrifice, but when you love it so much and are so passionate about setting a positive example, it is all worth it. I used to do the partying thing and feel like a waste the following day. I can't tell you the last time that was. My life has completely changed because of becoming a personal trainer both one on one and online, competing and just living a healthy lifestyle. Friends, boyfriends, family, they will all get upset with you for not partaking in the fun but if you love this life and want this life you need to completely submerge yourself in it if you want to succeed.

My future plans are to get back on a local stage and hit that top 3 spot so I can get to a national stage and acquire my pro card. I would like to find an apparel and supplement company to represent. Currently I represent fitmarkbags (code marmar15) which is an awesome meal prep bag company! I look forward to improving and developing my physique and am anxious to get back on stage for my time to shine!

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