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Iíve always been into a healthy and fit lifestyle from playing sports, but once I got in university I picked up weight training. But my interested started from a visit at someoneís house when I seen all their trophyís and I was super curious and they said they had won them from bodybuilding competitions. I said Iíd like to try it and see the type of conditioning I could get my body in and to see if I had what it took. So when I heard about the NLABBA 2015 show which is our provincial body building competition, I decided I was going to get a coach and do a 20 week prep. See if I could get up on that stage and not stand out in a bad way but I ended up standing out in a good way and claimed my title my first show of Miss bikini Newfoundland and Labrador 2015 my first show and thatís how it all started.

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Iím very regimental, and routine based so the lifestyle and dieting works for me. Before explaining the difference between my off-season and my pre-contest I got to explain my type of dieting. Me and my coach Steph Perry follows what is called macros/ macro-nutrition, so Iíll check-in every morning with her telling her my weight today, what my weight was yesterday, my target macros, my macros I hit (you get a grace of so many grams) what I trained yesterday, whatís on my program to train today and then she will check back in with me and give me my daily macros and cardio. For example she might say ďok eat 45grams of fat, 200grams of carbs, and 130grams of protein and 30 minutes cardioĒ and so from that is my macros and what I eat. So I can have a balanced diet, I try and fill my macros with whole and nutritions foods like fats Iíll have egg yorks, peanut butter, cheese, nuts, dressings etc, and for carbs itís mostly, oats, rice, sweet potato, veggies, fruits, weight waters bread, rice cakes, etc. And for protein I eat Greek yogurt, chicken, tuna, steak, egg whites. And you just weigh everything and plug it into your fitness pal and make it fit your macros. So say if one day I want a pancake I have that flexibility to have it. I choose macros over stick diet because with a stick diet a coach might say have 1/2cup rice and 1/3cup oats but with macros if I want to have two servings of oats and no rice I can because I choose what I eat with my macros. So the only thing that changes from my offseason and my pre-contest is my macros decrease slowly leading into a show based on my biofeed back (how my body reacts).

In the past I've tried stick dieting as I mentioned above it is where a coach will tell you exactly what to eat and I just found it mentally hard and struggled to eat the same meals everyday with no change.

The components of my training program is I lift weights targeting every muscle group and cardio 5 days a week and 2 days a week is just cardio, my cardio is determined daily by my coach based on my bio feedback.

On stage
I've always had self-confidence so me competing and stepping on stage doesn't really require a whole lot of building up my self-confidence. But it saying that, it's always nice to have such beautiful bikinis on while you have your hair and make-up done.

My most recent competition was The Canadian National Pro Qualifier that took place on Saturday October 20th in the Delta Toronto,CA. The Athlete check-in's were Friday October 19th and it was very organized, fast and they also provided beautiful "swag" bags to the athlete's which included various products like samples of pre-workout, protein bars, discounts etc, so that was nice and a kind gesture. Prejudging ran a little longer into the day which didn't bother me because I'd rather know the judges are taking the time they to critically analyze the physique of all the athlete's. Finals on the other hand went by faster which was great. It's a long day when you rise at 8am and start preparation for the show by doing hair, make-up and the spray tan and any other finishing touches and don't finish until 12am but it's all worth it in the end. To feel such a accomplishment feeling, and fulfillment and happniess, to know you put 110% into a 20 week prep and showcased it well. The girls were also every fun and friendly, and we keep in touch to see how everyone is doing post show and how everyone's training is going. They're all so beautiful, looking like they have been pulled out of fitness magazines.

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I wouldn't necessarily say being an athlete affects my whole life because being an athlete is my whole life, I'm very driven and I love this lifestyle. I live and breathe this lifestyle. Training is pleasurable to me, it isn't a chore. Dieting is easy because I eat foods I love and enjoy. I think the only way being an athlete affects ones life is through social events, I myself still partake in social events like if friends are going out on the town, I'll go to but I just drink water and I'm the designated driver which works out best because I'm still involved with my friends and family and they also got a safe way home. I'll still go to social gatherings but so does my meals in tupperware containers, I never crave or cave when it comes to the meals around and in these events because I'm hungrier to succeed than what I am for the food and I know if I give in and eat something that isn't tracked I'm mentally going to feel bad and its just not worth it for me. I think the hardest thing about this is the lack of knowledge some have on the type of training I do and the work I put in which is fine but when someone says "you can eat that, it's healthy", yeah it's healthy but I don't want it because most times I have my my macros and how and what I am going to fill them with the morning of that day.

Future plans
With regards to competing, right now me and my coach are working together to bring me in bigger, better and more conditioned for 2019 as I do plan on competing in at least one of three shows but a few factors will determine which one I compete in, like finances, where my family/support team wants to go. I want to make a career of this, I live and breathe the fitness industry and I just love it. My plan is to get ISSA certified this spring/summer 2019 when Iím done for the semester, finish my degree of BA in police studies, which Iíll be done by spring of 2020. Then I want to apply to one of the schools in Toronto and do nutrition and dietician or something that going to do with the body and eventually own my own company helping others active their own fitness goals in some shape or form. I feel like right now to prepare me for that and to be successful is to market myself and get that pro card. Another goal of mine is to become a sponsored athlete by a clothing company like gym shark or better bodies.


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