Lynn Blachman Caron - IFBB Physique Pro

I always had an interest in health and wellness as well as caring for people and became a Registered Nurse. I also was always fond of muscles and loved the look of both Corey Everson and Kiana Tom back in the day. I began competing with my husband in 1999 at the Mr. and Ms. Penn show taking 2nd in Women's Bodybuilding. I competed in the NPC, NABBA &, NSL over the course of 20 years in both bodybuilding and for the past 5 years in Physique. I won my Pro Card in WPD in the NSL 2017 and won my Pro card at the NPC North Americans Championships on 8/30/18 and now I am IFBB WPD Pro.

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My diet changes in the off season to more calories from increased protein and more healthy fats and good carbs with the weekly cheat meal if allowed per monthly body fat analysis. My pre contest diet changes to less carbs, higher protein and reduced fats. We can not forget the water intake is constant throughout in and off season to minimum of a gallon. I have found that I am sensitive to carbs and prefer a Keto diet with more fats and minimal carbohydrates work best for me. The competition diet plans that does not work would be if it causes you to starve and only eat protein and veges. It needs to have Protein, fats and carbs to avoid muscle loss.

My training program changes in the off season and pre contest season based on my coaches recommendations. My training program changes every 5-6 weeks and I lift all year long and cardio is added during contest prep. I stay pretty tight and my workouts are my cardio.

I have always been a confident person and when it's time to compete and hit the stage that is when I light up and shine. I like to perform and posing during the mandatories and during my routine is the highlight of showcasing all of my hard work during the contest prep season.

My contest check in at NPC North Americans was smooth. Our hotel was 1 mile away from the convention center but our room was comfy, the doorman was nice, and the staff, I brought all of my food and water so no issues. Tanning the night before and day of went smoothly no streaks. My hair and makeup was on point, my suit had no issues. I was pretty relaxed for this National show and was ready to hit the stage. The expeditors and the crew who glaze and glue prior to getting in line on point and went down like clock work. The show ran on time so was able to pump up and my food was dialed in perfectly,

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Being an Athlete has always been a part of my life and my family and friends know that I am organized and will come prepared with my own food if I have to depending on when my next show is. It is a lifestyle so you have to be willing to give up things and be adaptable to life events. Food prep will never change and now being a Pro Athlete it's more important to always be prepared and on top of your game.

My Future plans will be making my Pro debut in the Summer of 2019. I would like to compete in the Arnold Sports Festival and hit the Olympia stage during my time as a Pro. I am also looking forward to becoming more involved with the NPC and hopefully be able to be a Guest Poser at several shows.


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