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Lyn: Originally I set a goal for myself to compete in a bodybuilding competition as a way to celebrate my success in my new healthier, leaner lifestyle. It quickly became not only an inspirational goal for me but for friends, family, students and those who followed me on social media.

50 months ago I weighed 320 pounds and I was miserable, had high blood pressure, my fasting blood sugar and A1C was running high enough to count me as diabetic. I had endured back surgery, 3 knee surgeries to the same knee. a torn shoulder, carpel tunnel, I have one functioning lung and I am a cancer survivor. What a mess you might say. I made the decision to change my life forever. I have gone through many experiences in that time. Fortunately I met John Touro Blackburn who in turn introduced me to Jeff Schneider Npc BodyBuilder and Christy Stearns Npc Competitor. With love, care, proper guidance, and support from Jeff and Christy, I can say today I have lost 150 pounds. I have done it the right way, proper nutrition and exercise. 4 years ago if someone would have told me that I would be 150 pounds lighter and about to step on stage for my first Bodybuilding competition, I would have thought they were crazy. But that is exactly where I am today. I am a first time NPC competitor at the NPC Northern Classic Championships in the women's bodybuilding division. With Christy's nutritional plans and Jeff's knowledge about the human body, how it works how to sculpt it and get it to do what you want, we have transformed me into the woman I am today. It has been a rocky road, we have had to work around all of those old injuries and I am happy to say that my quality of life and the way my body looks, functions and feels, you would never know that I have ever had any of those ailments. I am no longer on medications and NOBODY out works me in the gym. I have several teammates on Team Unstoppable that do however work as hard as I do! I am so grateful for all those that have supported me! All I can say is, "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" Wait until next year, I will be better than ever! I Love you ALL!!

Diet and Training
I use carbohydrate cycling year round, however it varies. During off season my meals plans have a bit more calories in them than pre-contest meals do. My coaches see me at least 4 times per week so if they see my body, or if I feel my body reacting in a direction we do not want to go they adjust my meals to compensate for whatever it is we do not like.

My genetics and body type lend itself to carb cycling. If I do not use a carb cycle, I will put on fat in the front of my body. Regardless of the amount or type of cardio training that I do, anytime that I have tried going astray from this method, I have failed.

I train 4 days per week: legs, chest and shoulders, back, arms. 4-6 weeks before a show I add a second leg day. I do cardio 6 days per week. No cardio on leg day. As an athlete, I spend more time eating and prepping food than in the gym. I always say that it is 90% food and 10% gym.

Just sayin 300 lbs went deeper on the second set

Posted by Lyn O'Neal on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stage Experience
I am just having fun. If it was not fun, I would not do it. I did get butterflies the moment before I first went on stage, but it was gone by the time I took up my position on stage. I have been teaching and lecturing around the country for many years and it is really no different to me. I have information regarding how to become healthy and I will share it with whoever has a desire to learn. If posing on stage is a way to get their attention, then I say let’s do it!

I think I was more nervous checking in than any other time. Waiting in long lines for something to open was never my strong suit. It reminds me too much of waiting in long lines for a favorite ride at Disneyland. By the time I got to finals, I was laughing and joking with other contestants and had made new friends to share the joy of the experience with, friends that I still communicate with on a regular basis. We, in this sport are, “Iron Family” and we rely on each other during the year to keep each other up when we are down, motivated when we are exhausted and share our growth and gains with. We become Brothers and Sisters in Iron, regardless of our ages.

I will be on stage in October and November of 2016.

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Lyn O'Neal

Lyn O'Neal