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My journey to fitness began nearly 2 years ago and all this time I was fully dedicated to exercising, I regret only one thing that I did not start sooner! On the other hand, I know that I will always be an example for all women who exceeded the threshold of 30 years with a message , it's never too late to change not only your body, but also strengthen your spirit, and it does not matter if you are 30, 40, 50 … years old, even at this age you can get on stage and win the title of champion.

My journey began exactly at the opposite end of what constitutes the meaning of "fitness lifestyle". Strong desire to radically change my body was hiding itself in strong desire to change the approach to myself and my life. Day after day, and virtually every new starting hour for each new day, I was finding power and possibilities to outdo myself and change the poor old me for a new, better, stronger me. This was the main motivation why I started competing, because every competition largely builds your character. New challenges, new goals, the ability to step out of your comfort zone, to be able to accept defeat, not to give up and fight on, to learn patience, perseverance, self-discipline, systematic work on oneself and constantly improve, this is the background not only for competing, but especially it is the meaning of this sport. It is the only sport in this world you have to live for 24/7 and which you have to love with all your soul.

Diet and Training

As for the diet in general, I think that there is no precise definition of what is right and wrong, which one would be universally usable and would apply equally to all. I believe the most important thing is to be able to listen to your body, it's all about feelings and the ability to self-image, but it is a long way and it takes time and experience. For my eating plan (and training as well) my coach and friend in one person, Vladimir Gasparik taught me to strictly abide by the rules in this matter and always be ready to eat on time under any circumstances, wherever you are.

My diet in the offseason is rich in animal protein, carbohydrates highly contained especially in rice, flakes and of course, healthy fats and lots of vegetables and fruits. My calorie intake is around 4000 cal / day. In onseason I keep only beef, keep reducing carbohydrate intake (but never to zero!) I remove fruits, vegetables only to selected varieties and I almost completely eliminate fat intake. This way of eating works for me, so I have no reason to change it.

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Overall my only training program consists of 3 parts: lifting, stretching, and posing. I do very little cardio, no HIIT or any other aerobic activities, I try to „sweat” while posing after every workout, this also helps hardening my muscles. Currently, I am starting to do yoga again, which I consider great way of stretching and also relaxing, which is important when lifting heavy weights. In regards to the balance between training and diet at the end of preparation, last weeks certainly are not easy, but I try to get enough sleep and rest, everything else is only in your head and thoughts, that you need to be able to control. For me the biggest driver to get out of these difficult moments is strong self-motivation and support from my partner and my family.

On Stage

You are building confidence with hard work at the gym, healthy self-confidence naturally grows simultaneously with how your body changes. You need to keep in mind that when on stage it is a "here and now" moment, when you have to bring the harvested fruits of your work (your muscles and the total package), and show them in all their full glory! There is no time, nor space for shame and it is very important to know how to fully enjoy this day, regardless of the outcome. With each competition / show your ability to “sell yourself” is developing, improving and moving you forward.

The most beautiful moments I experienced were in the last competing season, which was actually my debut as I transferred from Bikini Fitness to Body Fitness category, which has proved to be the right decision. I achieved considerable success on the international stage, got to know a lot of athletes from other countries and for me this season will forever bring only pleasant memories. Generally, I like the stress on the " D " day, because at the end of the day we always just laugh at how you have forgotten your competition shoes at home and had to go back to get them and how you made a blunder on stage, on "slightly" nervous contestants with whom it is simply not possible to keep cool, friendly conversation and many other moments that give it the right feel.

Future Goals

In addition, to preparing for the next competition season, in this year me and my partner are planning to start our own online fitness business, which will include online coaching, creating custom training programs, consultations regarding proper diet and especially motivating other people who want to do this sport. Our goal is to also establish our own club, in which we will lead, nurture and promote new talents in the field of bodybuilding and fitness, and hence passing on our experience further. These plans are so great, that I sometimes wonder where do I get so much courage, but one thing is certain, I do not want to do anything else, because this is my world, this is my life.

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