Lucia Bergamin - Figure Competitor

Training is my therapy, it always has been. Before I began competing, I was dedicated to going to the gym, I enjoyed every minute of it. My peers were the first to comment on my frame and physique, encouraging me to compete. A friend of mine asked me to come lift at the power lifting gym he belonged to. The guys there taught me the ins and outs of lifting and bodybuilding. I set my eyes on a competition about 16 weeks out and hired a coach for posing practice. Then came the blood, sweat and tears.

My diet is the biggest difference between off-season and during prep for a competition. During prep, my macros run my life, I count and measure everything I put in my body. During off season I still keep up with meeting my macros but I also enjoy my Sunday cheat brunch and the occasional Nutella milkshake.
My training program focuses primarily on lifting and strength training. Being a strong woman makes me feel competent in all areas of my life. Cardio and HIIT help me burn off fat fast during competition prep. I train at least five days a week and pay attention to my macro intake even during off season.

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Having worked as a dancer and entertainer, I was used to being on stage. I wasn't stressing about the crowd or all the attention on me-my main concern was making sure I remembered and hit each pose correctly without a mirror to double check myself. I practiced every single day to make sure my routine was second nature to me. I washed dishes in my competition heels and had my mom on weekly progress photo duty.

My first figure competition was the NPC Summer Classic in 2016. My nerves were high at 5am that hot July morning. Before I went on stage for pre-judging, the girls in line with me all had their boyfriends & coaches taking photos and hyping them up. I stood there alone with my resistance bands, pumping until it was my turn. I repeated this phrase Ronda Rousey had said once, "Champions do more." in my head. On stage during pre-judging, I was placed dead center for both classes I entered. My nerves relaxed a bit for the night show. I began this journey with the intention of my first competition being a learning experience - and found myself winning both Novice and Open Class B classes as well as taking first place in Overall Figure.

Being an athlete impacts everything in my life. From relationships, to bed time, to my eating schedule, to activities. I don't drink often, I don't want to give my body something to recover from. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle all around to be the best bodybuilder I can be. Sometimes I have to make sacrifices to go to the gym, or travel with meals or say no to certain plans. In the end, it's worth more than all those little things. The discipline to have delayed gratification has been the biggest challenge during this journey.

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I will compete again in the future, with the goal to go pro. In addition to competing myself, I hope to help others reach their goals as well, through training and coaching.

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