London Piarrot - Figure Competitor

I started to compete in 2010 during a very painful and unexpected divorce. I needed to control some aspect of my life, i.e. food planning, training, etc. when the rest of my life was so out of control. I competed in three shows. I did well in one and really bad in the other two. I lost my mojo with competing until January 2015. I was approached by a friend who asked me to train her because she said she "wanted to look like me." I told her I was not a personal trainer, but I knew a really good one!. We hired a trainer and I competed in five shows in 2015 and did very well. Several first places so my mojo was restored! This year I have done three shows, to include Nationals at Pittsburg. While I did not receive my pro card in Pittsburgh, I did place in my first national show! I am a very competitive person, so guess what? I'll be back in Pittsburg next year!

Diet: Anywhere from 8-10 weeks out from a show, I move to fish and asparagus for four meals a day. I grow gills by show time! I alternate high and low carb days as well. Two weeks from competition I drop all carbs with the exception of oatmeal for breakfast. One week from competition I start cutting water. I have always hit the fish and asparagus before a competition and that works so well for me.

Training: This part is so hard, especially in prep. Fish doesn't last long in your tummy so I am hungry 20 minutes after eating. I hit two body parts a day. For example legs/chest, back/biceps, shoulders/tricepts. Abs are every day. One hour of cardio a day, split between a.m. and p.m. work outs. I have a protein drink between cardio and lifting to make sure I can push through the workout.

I am 54 years old, I will be 55 in December. I worked so hard to stay fit during an age when a lot of women give up. I do twice a day workouts in the gym. My workouts take me at least 3 hours a day. So I made a commitment to myself. The confidence comes from knowing I have worked hard to be in great shape at my age.

Stage experience: Bring a friend or family member with you. That support system is so important mentally and physically. You are depleted and can't remember anything. Plus when there are lot of women backstage with their teammates, or friends, you being by yourself can be intimidating!

Future plans: I want to win an Overall in Masters and win my Pro Card!!


London Piarrot