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I was always into the gym but then I was told by a friend about a workshop for competitions. I went to this workshop and was very excited by all the information and realised this was something that I was interested in.

Diet: I have tried many different plans but to date the most effective has been to carb cycle which is made up of different macros for arms, legs and rest days. This allows you to feed your body depending on the energy you are distributing.

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Now that I am so busy with clients and other work obligations I have found the need to source a food distribution company that can cook my meals exactly to plan without any hassle. RTB (raise the bar) have been amazing in helping save time that I would spent shopping, cooking and cleaning and are very cost effective. This company like none other make sure I have my exact meals (measurements and all) ready for me as I need them. Not only that but I'm a terrible cook so I actually get yummy meals now and no burnt meals like I normally do and gives me more time for a normal life.

The least effective and the plan that I liked least would have to be KETO. I was always tired, moody and did not train efficiently.

My first couple of competitions I was extremely nervous and anxious in show casing my physique. As I brought a better package to the stage time and time again and practiced hours upon hours with expert posing coaches, it is now second nature and something that I love to do.

Off season there is no cardio and five weight sessions per week. As I go into my On Season I start with adding a fasted cardio 20 minute session per day plus a hiit session at night. As a personal trainer I am very lucky to have flexibility to be able to cook meals as needed between clients.

Competing within the WBFF Federation it was like none other. The atmosphere was one of a calm nature which made it so much easier to be able to go on stage. There were no nerves and it gave each competitor the chance to shine without the anxiety of the day. The only bad thing would have to be after the prejudging is done, you have to wait 5 hours to go on stage again, eating minimal so as to maintain the same physique you brought in the morning as blow outs do happen!

I feel if you want to be any good at this sport, you need to be wholeheartedly committed to the lifestyle being diet, training, rest and not having those long periods of time without implementing such things. When I have social events I definitely need to pre plan all my meals to make sure I don't crave some of the food temptations that aren't going to be benefit my goals.

I plan to take a long off season in order to meet the judges feedback as to the changes they want me to make but also to give me more time to share the knowledge I have obtained with all my clients and online followers that contact me.
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