Lindsay Parks - Bikini Competitor

* Muscle Heat 2017 Overall Bikini Winner

I began competing at the age of 16 when I decided to follow in my footsteps of my mother who had been a figure competitor. I never knew I loved working out and fitness until I dove right in. I instantly was hooked on competing.

Update for y'all: prejudging was amazing. Class A walked out (I was already in the middle) and I stayed there the whole time! I worked my sass, and killed it the whole time. ?? I am SO PROUD of my self for never giving up on this dream. Hopefully next stop on my journey is Nationals next Summer! ???? #teamleal

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My offseason diet consists of plenty of nutrient dense Whole Foods. I have increased carbs and fats with moderate protein.
My prep diet is very strict and structured with carbs surrounding my workouts. Torward the end of prep carbs and fats are very slim depending on how I look. Everyone is so different and every prep is different so it's important that your coach has a good eye for detail! I honestly didn't think I had a lot of confidence until I stepped on stage the first time! I'm pretty shy, but being on stage I'm a completely different person! It's as if I was naturally born to be on that stage! My training split is Glutes/hams, delts, arms, glutes/hams, delts, and back/calf/quads. So my main focus is the capped delts and the glutes especially for bikini. My cardio in offseason is always the stair master post workout. In prep I will do fasted cardio on the stairs as well.

I recently competed this past weekend Sept. 23 2017 at Muscle Heat. It was an amazing weekend with so many emotions! Check ins were a breeze. The show ran smooth and I was on stage very fast. It was a small show, but I still had much competition. During prejudging I was center stage the whole time. Finals came and I wowed the audience with my routine and was called back to receive 1st place Class A Open Bikini! I then was called for the overall pose down, which felt so amazing. When I heard my number called for Overall I was almost in shock!! I couldn't believe I had achieved my goal!

I can't explain how good this meal was and also how AMAZING my makeup was by @camcamleal ?? We slayed this prep and this show and now I get to enjoy until Monday. Reversing out of this prep the proper way for once!!! Thank y'all for all the kind words. My overall win was such an amazing experience and I'm so proud of myself. The food was the real prize let's be honest ????

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Being a competitor you have to find a balance with life. It's difficult the closer you get to a show. But during the offseason it's important to not take friends and family for granted. The trophies and the stage will always be there, but friends and family can be gone in an instant. I do find it hard to balance life and competing. Being a college student it's a little harder because I have to balance school, work, prep, friends, and family. It's been a challenge, but I'm not backing down!

My future goals are to take a structured offseason and grow. I will then compete in July 2018 at USA in Vegas! I'm ready for the national level officially!


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