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I got into competing in 2017. I was working at a gym as a personal trainer and people regularly asked if I was a competitor so I thought "What the heck... it could be fun!"

Since this has been my first "off-season" or "improvement season", I am experimenting with my diet. Right after my last show I did a reverse diet to try to repair my metabolism and slowly reintroduce the foods I had cut out. I reversed for about three months and then took February as a "diet break", I needed the mental freedom and wanted to enjoy some time with my fiance unrestricted and uninhibited. Now as the count down to prep begins I am getting back to tracking my macros. I am eating in a surplus and hit the 300 club with my carbs. The higher I can get my macros (without gaining too much weight) the better my transition into a deficit will be.

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For my first prep I very strictly followed the macros my coach Kristi Tauti had me on. I cut out gluten, dairy, and alcohol. I did not follow a specific diet plan and I really liked having the freedom to eat things I liked vs whatever my coach told me to. Since 2017 was my first season, I haven't really tried any other competition diets.

I have battled with low self confidence my entire life and there are a lot of people out there that say if you have body image issues not to compete, I agree with this to a certain extent. Since all my coaching was online, I was responsible for sticking to my plan. I help myself accountable. Knowing that I gave 100% effort is what gave me the confidence to step on stage. I have never been so nervous in my life but it wasn't because I was in a tiny suit, it was because I didn't want to trip in those heels!

The components of my training program were pretty standard. I was lucky in that my cardio stayed relatively low the whole prep. The max LISS cardio I did all prep was 20min. Kristi had me training each muscle group once a week with the exception of shoulders, which was twice a week. I balanced training with diet by making sure my bigger meals were closer to my training.

I competed in two shows last season. Both were absolutely amazing experiences. I met so many STUNNING women. After the awards presentation of my first show when I met up with my family, my mom pulled me aside and scolded me for mouthing "holy shit" when I won. Moms...

Being an athlete affects my entire life. It isn't what defines me but it is a huge part of my identity.

Future plans- To win more swords!!! 2018 is going to be an awesome season and I am so excited!!

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