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I have always admired competitors in the sport and their mental and physical self-discipline, which I always knew I had. I hadn’t always used my strong self-discipline for the best though… I few years back I was suffering from anorexia and I hate to say it but bulimia as well. It consumed my life and took away almost any inkling of happiness I had for quite some time. I had the worst relationship with food and fitness but I got through it with a lot of help from my boyfriend, family and a psychologist, who I was very reluctant to see at first. I guess I had a fair bit of body dysmorphia going on in my head and that took the longest to overcome. I used to run every day and had never stepped foot in a gym. I eventually decided I couldn’t live this way forever as I had everyone constantly worried about my health so after some tough fights in my head I talked myself into putting on some weight. I slowly eased back into my training, as it was something I always enjoyed and I knew it would keep me sane, but took a different approach. I started weight training as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make improvements and build muscle if I wasn’t eating well, so in a way this was a way for me to overcome my eating disorder. A year or so into my training and not having any eating disorder thoughts and having gained almost 10kg, I felt I had a healthy relationship with food and training so I made the decision and inquired with Karen Plum as to whether she would be my Coach and well… she said YES.

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2018 Season A was my first time competing in bikini. My coach gave me meal plans to follow throughout my prep and made adjustments fortnightly, then weekly, depending on my skinfolds. I had a goal throughout this prep to not lose weight and if anything gain a bit of weight. My coach was able to adjust my meal plans to ensure that happened. I even ended up gaining 2kg of muscle in 4 months whilst increasing my weight by 1-2kg and dropping fat. I am yet to experience a proper off season. I have just finished 3 shows, each 2 weeks apart. I did plan on having an off season after ANB Oceania, however after placing in every division at every show (4 x 1st & 2 x 3rd) I have decided to see what I can bring to the stage in August at Ms Fitness Australia, so an off season isn't happening for another few months.

Before staring my prep I ate relatively healthy but a balanced diet. For my prep sticking to specific meal plans did my head in at times as I just wanted that flexibility but the thing is prepping isn't supposed to be easy so I sucked it up and stuck to and I'm so glad I did as it definitely paid off.

Throughout my whole prep I had no idea how I would handle the pressure of being up on stage in front of people getting judged on my physique, stage presence and posing. It was always a very daunting thought and gave me butterflies just thinking about it. I have never been a confident person and the stage was never a place for me. I'd be lying if said I wasn't a nervous wreck at my first show before getting on stage. But when it came crunch time to get up on stage for my first division I told myself that I have worked my ass off for the past 4 months; training, nutrition and posing was all perfected and I had no reason not to be confident. I think that is key, you can't cheat yourself with any of this through prep for that reason; you won't have the confidence on stage because you know you haven't tried your best and put 100% into it. I managed to walk off stage not once but twice with 1st place that day. It was a great sense of achievement and gave m the confidence to give it my all for the next 2 comps to come. My next 2 comps I was mentally prepared for the experience and excitement and adrenaline overtook the nerves once I was at the venue. However, before getting to the venue I was always quite tense and the nervous were quite evident no matter how many pep talks I gave myself. I think the atmosphere gives you a natural high, looking back on my comps the days are a blur of backstage fun and playing the waiting game until its go time, eating copious amounts of sugar and smiling till my jaw hurts on stage.

What a way to end my first season competing! Took out 1st place in bikini novice and under 25s yesterday at @anb_oceania and held my own up against some amazing physiques in overalls ?? thank you to my one and only @sortid and the most amazing parents for your endless support, @kazplum for your expertise and coaching, @comptanaustralia for a flawless tan all day and @teganwoodford_pro_team for the stunning hair and makeup ?? stay tuned for more photos to come ?? #bikinicomp #bikinicompetitor #1stplacebikini #bikininovice #bikinioveralls #comptan #anb #anbqld #anboceania #compprep #naturalbodybuilding #peakweek #fitness #training

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When I say comp prep isn't easy I mean there is nothing I have done that has been more challenging; mentally, physically and emotionally and I have spent 3 years studying through correspondence to get a uni degree which I thought was hard. It drains you and some days you do definitely want to throw the towel in. It takes a massive toll on your social life and especially your relationships. I found spare time was a thing of the past as I was constantly food prepping, training, working or travelling to check ins (6 hour round trip). I hope to be able to better manage my time the second time around to spend more quality time with my partner. But in saying all this I don't regret it at all, yes it was my biggest challenge to date but that has also made it my biggest achievement.

I look forward to Season B and then once that is over I will definitely be having long off season. There are no plans as to when I will be stepping on stage after that.... but there is always a possibility.

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