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As I get closer to a show or just bikini season I start keeping a detailed food journal. It's the only way to keep track of exactly what is going in, and keeps me accountable. At about 20 weeks away from my goal, I will start just a general cleaning up. Cutting out most of the junk, drinking more water (and try to get 1 gallon of water in per day). For me, if I get 1/2 gallon in before lunch, I can easily drink the rest in the afternoon.

At 16 weeks out, I clean it up even more. I try to only take a "free" or "cheat" meal once per week, reserved for the weekends. I also get more strict with trying to get all my protein in, still keeping carbs in the equation everyday. I like to have a consistent carb level day to day at this point. Always a pre-workout carb, and post-workout carb. I have experimented with other diets... no carbs/high fat, intermittent fasting, etc, but I really like to eat in the morning.

By 12 weeks out I should have things really dialed in. Strict eating every 2-3 hours, getting all my ratios right, and very clean. No junk food, even on the weekends. A "cheat" at this point might be an extra serving of rice, pasta, or potatoes on the weekend.

At 6 weeks I usually cut out dairy and all bread products. My carb sources are oats, potatoes, rice cakes, etc. I also stop creatine.

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The most effective way I have found for me to cut weight is a carb cycle. This usually starts at about 8 weeks out for me. 3 days low/2days high....something like that.

Building muscle is hard to do while losing weight. To build, you have to eat and lift heavy, and accept the fact that bodyfat will be gained also. While dieting I just try to hit my macros to maintain the muscle. I also use BCAA's with every workout.

My previous plans were both successful in that I lost weight and fat, but my 2nd time around I didn't come in as lean. It was just a little different variation of the carb cycle...

I love protein pancakes. Egg whites, a scoop of protein, mix, make pancakes, top with fruit or sugar/free syrup...peanut butter, whatever.

I lift heavy 4-5 days a week. I like to focus on 1-2 body parts per workout. I hate circuit training where a full body workout is done all at once. Just don't enjoy it, and I think it's too easy to not have the mind/muscle connection with that.

In the off season my cardio is only 2-3 days a week, 20-30 minutes. Not real strenuous. As I get closer to my shows, I start picking that up to where almost everyday I am doing some sort of cardio AFTER my weight session.

I eat...a lot. I always eat before my workout, and immediately after. Pretty simple stuff. It's really not rocket science. Success depends on the level of commitment and desire!

Laurie Poole

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