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Well 7 years ago I got Thyroid cancer and had my Thyroid removed. Started lifting weights to mostly keep the weight off and also deal with my anxiety and depression that came along with my new hormonal issues. Since then I've gotten addicted to the strength and healthy lifestyle that is brought on by working so hard in the gym and so last year when I turned "50" it was pretty hard for me to deal with that birthday so I thought what better way to kick it's butt than to make a big goal and decided to push myself to that next level to competition.

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Diet off season vs. pre contest: My diet really doesn't change much other that the amount of calories and maybe timing. I'm on mostly a Keto Diet with carb cycling and also intermittent fasting. I don't eat between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.I try to take in the biggest bulk of my carbs around my workouts since my body seems to do better that way. I'm gluten free and the only dairy I consume is Whey protein and Plain Greek Yogurt. I think it's important for each person to figure out what works for them and listen to your body.
This was my first competition so there are surely some things that we learned. I think it's important to hire a coach that knows nutrition and mine even has a greater knowledge of my health issues and was very good not to harm adrenals and cause other health problems in the process since this can be an issue. A good coach is super important.

This was surely out of my comfort zone and that's the reason I did it. I'm single at 50 and I've decided that the tougher it is those are the things that make me most proud so you just tell yourself to lose the fear and that there is nothing I can't do..........Believe me I was shaking like a leaf the first time I walked out onto that stage. You just smile through it and not puking is a big deal. lol

I did faster cardio every morning 5 days a week and lifted at night 5 nights........Only because my coach made me take 2 rest days. I've always lifted 6 but I notice more gains only lifting 5. I did more steady state cardio than I've ever done. Typically I do HIIT cardio and sprints are my favorite but a mixture of the 2 is what I'm doing during off season. Although I'm not taking too much time off. Balancing training and Diet can be tough and the only way to actually get it done for me was to prep all my meals, take them with me and set an alarm to remind myself to eat.

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Recent show: This was surreal for me. My 2 year relationship came to an end shortly before my competition which was tough at first to not have him there to share the excitement and the hard times but at the same time I had done this for myself to start with and was not going to let anything stop me from accomplishing my goal so standing in line to check in was honestly surreal. I was so proud of the blood, sweat and thousands of tears to get to this moment. My proudest moment happened to me on the 3 1/2 hour drive to the competition venue. I had stopped in to grab some supps at GNC and one of the guys in the store asked me if I compete. Oh to have someone acknowledge that you look like you compete is huge and at my age is just such a big deal. My confidence was boosted before even getting there.

When I first decided to compete initially my only goal was to walk onto the stage and look like I belonged. Not like the 50 year old Mom of 4 that decided to pick up a weight or 2 and go compete. I felt so good about accomplishing this goal and to place in 2 of my 3 categories was another huge accomplishment that was unexpected.

Life as an athlete: It is awesome. My life has been affected in so many ways. The first is that I'm stronger and able to do anything with my kids and grandkids. I'm honestly in the best shape of my life right now and I know it's just going to get better. It does affect choices that you make as well. The healthier eating choices when you go to a restaurant and are at parties are noticeable but won't be compromised when you are working so hard towards a goal. Being an athlete also gives you confidence in all that you do from work to relationships which is so important.

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Future plans: I figure I still have a few years left to compete and I'm going to keep pushing that as long as my body will continue to show improvement and strength. I will never quit lifting weights and being in the gym however. I will be in there many years after I quit competing.

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