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I started competing when I was 17. I was fresh out of high school and had plans on running track in college. Everything changed when training started and I found more enjoyment out of lifting than running. I was working at a gym and trained almost everyday. I had someone asked me if I competed. I had no idea what that meant. haha. I looked it up and thought this could be a new adventure! My first show was addicting. I realized this could be something that would last a lifetime.

Diet: It changes quite a bit in the realm of substitution. During contest prep carbs are usually cut fairly hard but mostly complex. Something sustainable for me to ride on for that day by day. I don't restrict my calories that much during prep, just enough to see changes and keep manipulating as I get closer to show time. Off season is still fairly clean. I have one cheat meal a week and I add in more calories slowly post show. Usually I add in 1 extra meal to start building again. My body really utilizes pasta and fish to build muscle back. I can stay fairly lean throughout the off season for solid gains.

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Failed diet: It's hard to say since I've always been on my own with this. I believe every diet has its pros and cons. The worst for my body type and how it functions is the total calorie drop. Where you may only be getting 1000 calories a day but after you lift and cardio it could drop to netting only 500 or so. It just never worked for me. I lost so much muscle and I have only done it once but I'll never go back to that.

Training: Off season is more HITT cardio and my show diet is more Low-intensity steady state and fasted. I've learned that there is a limit to cardio and I can feel when it's too much. The stair mill has become my newest tool for shedding fat. I always feed after fasted cardio with breakfast and lift directly after. It keeps my metabolism up and my mood during contest prep. My lifting usually doesn't last more than an hour during contest prep. With out a ton of calories I don't want to waste away muscle.

I was a gymnast for 6 years and in musical theater so performing in front of others never bothered me. I also treat it as any other sport in high school, I prepare, practice and perform. Being confident I think stems from loving what you do. I love to compete and it's so much fun, why not let it show? The pressure fuels me in a very positive way.

Recent show: My most recent was Monster Mash down in Ohio. It was actually one of the first shows I ever competed in. I hadn't competed for about 2 years due to college and working so much but still kept lifting. I love the athlete check-in because you meet so many wonderful athletes that share the passion to lift and compete. It was a smooth process and as always made friends with everyone in line. I felt nervous as always for pre-judging but I felt ready. I am simply competing against the girl I was last time I was on stage. Knowing that I improved really gave me a positive outlook. Finals is really where I can relax and work it out. My family and quite a few friends were screaming so loud. With the music going and the crowd being so active, it really fuels that feeling of pride and a bit of sass.

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My future plans are currently to finish college. I am currently a pre-service teacher and I intend on teaching physical education, health, and science to middle and high school kids. I also plan on having a solid off season and working toward qualifying for nationals next summer. I'm still working with building my modeling portfolio as I go and plan on working with some great companies here in the near future.

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