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Lauren: I began competing after a few co-workers talked me into it watching Dallas Europa. I needed an athletic goal to strive for and after diagnosed with a chronic health condition (neurocardiogenic syncope) training for a marathon was put to a halt! I was an athlete growing up so I LOVED the training aspect of lifting, I just didn't have discipline for my first show in nutrition and cardio was hard to accomplish while under different treatments for my health. I have a very competitive driven spirit and after college I wanted something to channel my passion into!

For the most part I meal prep about the same in off-season and pre-contest this is a lifestyle not just a temporary time of training. Although, in off season I will go enjoy delicious food with family and friends especially Mexican! But I got into nutrition to help alleviate symptoms from my condition and for prep I just change to my routine style of chicken, fish, veggies, carbs and watch my portions and up my training intensity. For this show my physique was a lot easier to sculpt after taking a year off to focus on myself and my health and get my nutrition in check. Once I was able to add training it took my physique to another level!

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For diet, for ME personally, I do way better on a higher carb diet, moderate protein, and lower fat. I know my body really well and can tell if I need to tweak my macros a bit. Off season I just listen fuel my body for nourishment and performance. In season, I am more strict on portions and measure everything out! To build muscle, you HAVE TO EAT ENOUGH FOOD to build and maintain bodily function. If you restrict you will not see improvement in your physique.

First show, I followed a cookie cutter meal plan and it failed one because I got BORED, two I wasn't as educated in nutrition at the time, and three my body does not adapt well to a low carb low salt diet. Proper hydration and salt/electrolytes are needed for me not to lose consciousness so I just adapt my training intensity to make up for any water retention until a few weeks up to show.

I do a mix of strength training, cardio, and HIIT. ALL are necessary for overall performance.

Building self-confidence to compete: I struggled with this the most! I still practice daily, but I love how I feel like I'm acting and being a character for 10 seconds on stage. Plus, it helps that after all that HARD WORK, blood, sweat, and tears you can't help but want to be proud of what you have accomplished. But while on stage I am so nervous and excited. The adrenaline and the sport in general is just an amazing experience and I love the people I get to meet at them!

The overall experience was amazing. I was officially HOOKED after my first show. I love how there is always something you can improve and grow from each show. Pre-judging is nerve racking I remember I was not prepared for side by side comparison or being on stage on the side for so long! So ladies practice practice practice posing!!!! You should feel so uncomfortable! Finals is always fun even if you don't place top 5 to see the awards and talk with judges after to see what you can improve on.

I took about 2 years off of competing and plan to return this APRIL at the Ronnie Coleman Classic. I plan to continue to strive for my pro card!

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