Laura Wowk - Figure Competitor

I started competing in 2013 after my trainer suggested I try it out. I had no desire to compete, but have been working out since 1990, as well as having once taught aerobics.

Diet and Training

I am a very hard gainer. I eat whatever I want during the off season (meatloaf, mac & cheese). Once I cut that out...I tend to lean out. There's a fine line for me to keep muscle fullness while being lean. I have to keep healthy carbs in my diet at all time.

Any diet plan that is too restrictive is no good. Too much tuna fish, all fish, no carb...doesn't work for me. My metabolism is too high & I burn through all my lean mass.

Right now, I don't do any cardio. I'm very lucky. If I's HIIT training. I'll do 20 sec of running with 20 sec of walking for 10 rounds. Generally, I just pre-pack all my meals & eat when I'm supposed to. Not too hard to balance it out.

On Stage

I took dance lessons for 14 yrs, so I was used to being on stage for recitals. I also taught aerobics, which helps build confidence in front of people. I also teach high school....speaking in front of 150 teenagers every day alleviates public anxiety.

My last competition, Oct. 2016, was when I placed 1st in Master's figure & Master's tall. No one went with me, so I just met up with some competitors from previous shows and chatted with them backstage. I've done 6 competitions, so I knew what to expect. Each show is different & exciting. The promoter's really try to keep the athletes comfortable. I've learned to bring food & something to occupy my time. There's a lot of sitting around.

Life as an athlete: I have structured my entire life around working out. I will plan activities around the gym, etc. It is something that is very important to me and my friends, colleagues and family are very supportive.

Future plans: I'd love to get my pro card.


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