Latoya Dee - Figure Competitor

Latoya Dee- Figure Competitor
34 years old
From Florida
Trainer and Owner of Boxfit Fitness Gym

Background- Iíve worked in gyms for over 12 years. I started out as receptionist and sales. Shortly after I took a position as Group Fitness Instructor and Bootcamps. So many people motivated me to compete but mentally I wasnít ready to try it out. So I became a personal trainer. After watching so many people grow and help them achieve their fitness goals I thought It was time for me to compete.

Diet- Off season my diet wasnít as strict and not counting calories. I took in a lot of carbs and protein shakes.
During Prep- My meal plan was designed for me to lose bodyfat and water so I did not focus on the scale. I ate 5 small meals consisting of low carbs (4oz 2-3 meals first few months) and high Protein (4oz every meal). 1 banana per day. My vegetables were low intake to nonexistent after a few months. A few weeks before show I lived on 50 egg whites per day with 1 banana and almost two Gallons of water per day. The week before the show I ate carbs (5oz) with every meal except dinner. And up my banana to 2 a day. So at that point the dieting became easy but I was so ready for a donut!

Training- My weight training was split into one body part per day. I trained legs twice per week because that was my main focus area. My cardio was done 3-4 times per week for 30 mins and some days 45 mins. It all depended on my weekly progress. Some weeks I only did cardio twice and those were my favorite weeks. By keeping a journal throughout my entire prep I was able to balance my workout schedule and my meals. I kept everything logged. Next time I compete I will pull from that journal because I now know what works for me and what doesnít.

Self Confidence- At the beginning I was less Confident while learning the poses. I felt out of my comfort zone as the poses didnít come or feel natural while performing them. But I practiced every in front of my clients until I perfected the poses with my posing coach. Then I was able to practice alone putting my own twist on the performance.

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Checkin- There were so many competitors around and you couldnít help but start to compare yourself to others. I was doubting myself at this moment. I was extremely hungry and tired.
Pre Judging- Very Nervous. Worried about my bikini coming unglued. Afraid of not hitting my poses and not smiling at the same time. Very Anxious.
Finals- After making the top finals I was able to take in the moment and realize what I just accomplished. Now it was time to put on a show. I was very comfortable and ready to hear the results. I took home 3rd place in my very first figure competition.

Future- I plan to continue competing in the future. While focusing my time on my business which includes training my clients to reach their fitness goals, online nutrition which is personalized for each individual. I continue to put emphasis on my weak body parts while in off season training. Its in the off season when you have the time to focus on making weakness your strength.

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