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Kristina: I've been interested in sports long time ago, as I've always been very active kid. I've tried very different sports from swimming, dancing, table tennis to finding the passion for road and track cycling. That was back in my home country Lithuania. I've always found fascinating learning about the bodies. My first competition was not me on the stage but my very good body builder friend. So I was a just a spectator. Skinny size 8 hanging around with all the fit people around me that was something surreal! The amazing female athletes just blowed my mind, but to be honest the thought of me going on that stage didn't even came up to me. A few years later I've decided to change my life, the job in the dental surgery (7 years) was tough because I've found myself extremely tired and couldn't get on time to the gym. So I've became a personal trainer and since then got no regrets. Love helping people reach their goals and putting the input into their happiness.

I've decided to do the competition because wanted to see how far I could push my body with building the muscles, specially the upper body. Learn more about nutrition and couldn't be better way than putting yourself through the healthy and strict diet. Then I could pass this on to my clients and help them reaching their goals.

"Season and off season". You've to plan the whole year if you looking to compete more than once in the year. Work around your holidays and work commitments could be very tough. After my first competition as I was so clueless took two months off (due to crazy cardio training and lack of supplements my knees were just too sore to carry with any training) and I gain so much weight! Haven't done reverse diet or any exercise and that was the biggest mistake ever. I'm not going crazy counting my calories or macronutrients. The difference is between 'off season' I call it now 'improve my body season' I'd do the cardio just probably ones a week just for my stamina and just bringing little bit more carbohydrates in my diet before and after my weight training. And I'd treat myself with some more protein treats - like a protein bars or protein shakes straight after my training.

Calories- I don't count. Only macronutrients. 'Pre - contest ' I'm starting 12weeks by slowly cutting down my carbohydrates (from 200g down to 120g) and having about 25g of Fat every day. I don't do the carb cycling not just because I don't believe in it, is just because I tend to stick with the diet that it works for me and if it works for you why would you change that? Week 8 then I'm fully focus on my cardio - 3hour per week by breaking down in 20min - 30min at the time. And then my carbs go as low as 80g -100g. Fats stay the same. Supplements - BCAA's, glutamine, Vit C, COD liver oil, Vit E are my essentials in my diet. Difference in Weight training is the rest times in between the sets gets shorter on the pre - contest weeks and sessions gets longer, repetitions goes higher. Instead of breaking down the week in a chest and shoulders days..etc. I separate upper from lower body.

I'm doing it myself, know my body well enough so I don't need to follow any other competition plans are available to purchase from the Internet .My diet plan is very basic but effective at the same time. If diet doesn't work for you maybe is not the diet that's bad maybe you just not being consistent and streaked enough. Slow release carbohydrates (porridge) in the morning. And then every 3hours about 6-10g carbs per meal with 100g of protein (lean beaf, chicken, turkey or white fish) and before bed time I drink the Casein protein. No alcohol, additive sugars and trans fats. I don't take any pre workout just a black coffee (although I might treat myself with sugar free hazelnut shot).

Lifting weights is my favourite part of the whole preparation :-) To sculpt that body you must lift the weights girls there is no other way round. I've found it that fasted cardio in the mornings for 30min works for me very well (3hours in total per week). My weight training I'm trying to do after the lunch, so I could use the carbs I had in the morning and I can have my black coffee to give me a little bit of lift. I always take BCAAs before workout and after, to help with the muscle recovery. Around 3 weeks out I'm focusing more on the circuit training, helps with the last stubborn body fat left on me. Just sipping on the water while training, need that water to stay on my body for little bit longer. My diet would start changing, mainly carbs - banana comes on the list, helps me with the cramping, fats and is so yammy too!

Confidence on the stage grows with the experience. Posing is still my weakest point. Once you've learned how to pose properly you'll feel like you owe that stage! I'm just enjoying the moment when I'm on that stage. I'm trying not to look and compare myself to the other bikini competitors at the back stage, because I think this is a very dangerous mind game and really can spoil your night.

My last show was UKBFF National Championship (drug tested event) in Liverpool where I've placed 3rd loosing only by one point coming second and getting the invite. Although I was so happy there's no words to describe the feeling I had on that stage. Most of the competitors know each other, they know judges and they will have a crowd supporting them on the day, I don't and that's makes little bit more difficult. A few weeks before the event I went through a very difficult time of my life, but it haven't broken me down. Had only one friend on the day supporting me and helping to stay sane & bring me the trophy home. The judges in UKBFF are great during the check- in, they make you feel at ease and make me laugh. Pre- judging is the main part and the most nerves wracking point of all of the preparation stage and your fitness journey you had. The only moment when I feel everything is now out of my hands and I just keep staying positive and focus on my posing. Finals - well that's the mind blowing feeling when you come top 3, I feel like a winner to myself, doesn't matter if my trophy looks smaller haha. My mojo "climbing to the top is going to be very hard, but the view is worth it ".

Kristina Kuprescenkaite

Plans for the future? Well there's loads of it. I'd say I'm pretty new in this competition business so I'll definitely give a go for another few years mastering my best & building that strong character, more learning about the patients and the discipline. Well you never know I might get that Pro Card very soon!!

Kristina Kuprescenkaite
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Kristina Kuprescenkaite

Kristina Kuprescenkaite