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Kristina: I've always been interested in fitness and nutrition, and it was the norm in my family home to be active as my father went to the gym daily, rode bicycles with my mother and taught me the importance of health and nutrition from a very young age.

I danced competitively for years during high school and college and trained in commercial gyms a few days a week. Once I pulled back on my dance commitments I began training in a MMA gym and my love for weightlifting grew. I began training daily and with this had some comments from friends in the industry suggesting I should compete as I had a good amount of muscle mass and symmetry. So I gave it a go, and it grew very quickly for me from there...

Diet and Training
I follow a flexible approach to my nutrition year round, so my diet doesn't change drastically in terms of variety leading into competition it's more so that I am very on top of my intake. Leading into a competition I take a very slow approach to restricting my intake to help drop body fat and my cardio increases gradually. I made sure I weigh and track all of my food/drink and activity during a prep phase as every little bit counts.

The best way of eating for me, is the one I prefer. I love salads, I love protein smoothies, I love oats and I have protein bars and hot chocolate in place of treats now and then. I have a very big appetite so I like to find food that is large in volume but less energy dense. I would suggest to find a style of eating that suits your daily energy needs - but one that you enjoy. That truly is the key to success.

I was fortunate enough to have been lead by individuals who were very well educated regarding nutrition (or should I say, I made sure I was seeking knowledgeable guidance) during my competitive bodybuilding career. But prior to this, I like everyone else, was sucked into the weight loss industries' marketing ploys. I've tried fat burners, weight-loss proteins, one cheat meal a week 'clean eating' online diet plans... But as we all know none of this works. Once I realized this (around the age of 17) I decided to do my own research. So I was fortunate enough never to waste too much money on that junk. My biggest tip in this regard - Do your research!!

I've actually never really had a training program that I follow. My true love is in the weights area, so this part I find easy. I'm old school in terms of training - I typically train one body part each day with my lagging areas twice a week and I make sure to incorporate my compounds lifts each week. I like to favor deadlifts so sometimes I will spend half a session on them.

An example of my training split would be:
1) Deadlifts / back
2) Bench / Chest / abs
3) Glutes / hamstrings
4) Rest
5) Shoudlers / abs
6) My choice
7) Abs / stretching / dance

My training does not affect my diet, I see the two as separate entities. I've found over the years of research and experience that when people combine the two it leads to a negative relationship with food. One that sometimes will result in the individual seeing exercise as something that is used to 'compensate' for the food choices they are making. I personally don't like to combine the two. There is however, benefit in terms of fat loss by rotating your training around your intake. Personally, I don't believe the benefits outweigh the possible disadvantages. For me, food is for fuel and enjoyment and training is for fun. Each to their own...

On Stage
Building self-confidence to compete: This wasn't too difficult for me due to my experience as a dancer. I was fortunate to have years of stage experience (even if it were only in front of a group of 10 people, all of which were the performers parents) and this helped ease my stage nerves. Performing has always been a joy of mine and something I want to continue.

In terms of my physique confidence, I never really thought about it. I never worried about whether or not I would place or whether or not I was as good as the others on stage. Each prep I just worried about whether or not I was doing everything I could to better my physique, if the answer was yes, I knew I was doing just fine.

One of my recent competitions was Musclemania Australia where I was awarded my professional status. This was actually a competition I did just for fun (yes truly) I just wanted it as a goal to move towards. So I was very relaxed during the whole experience.
Check-in was also when we had our media day, so I took part in a photo shoot with the very talented Steve Jones and had my family alongside, on the day I competed once in the morning and then again at night and as there was such a big break between shows I was able to eat dinner with my family. It was my choice so of course we made a delicious salad and had some cheese and crackers afterwards.
Being relaxed, comfortable and happy on competition day must have shown on stage as I was truly not expecting the placing that I was given, and I couldn't be more thankful. If you are comfortable on stage it can make a world of difference.

Future plans: This will be my first year off competing in two years so my current plans are to make improvements. I know I need to bring up my bottom half to match symmetry and size with my top, so this is something I'm working hard on.
In the meantime, and in the future, my main priority is my clients. My goal is to educate, to teach others how to achieve their physique goals and how to maintain them for life.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to me, and to readers for putting in the effort to read to the end of this - I hope I've given you some insightful information that you can takeaway. If not, contact me and I'll try to do better.

Kristina Angeli, BSc(psych)

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Kristina Angeli

Kristina Angeli