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First show was Oct 1st 2016, just two weeks before my third child turned one. I placed 2nd in this show which was the Big Cat Classic in Allentown, Pa.

So I am still early in my competing career, I work closely with my online coach to meet my goals. Currently I'm 5 weeks out and still have carbs! I eat 6 times a day, very small meals and drink 1.25 gallons a day. I didn't cut out food groups until peak week. I still was able to incorporate Greek yogurt (dairy) and fruit at 2 weeks out. Now keep in mind the quantity is limited. For this sport to be a lifestyle you need to be a tad flexible and not always eat just the staples I.E. Chicken, Veggies, and/or rice. If you always deprive yourself then it's sure to fail!! We switch up my nutrition either weekly or biweekly. I.E. 2 weeks ago my meal one was 2 eggs but now it 4oz egg whites with 2 slices turkey bacon!

#tbt to March of this year at the #arnoldclassic where I competed in the #ameture division. ???? Cannot wait until I get to step on stage again in 5 weeks?????? ??I struggled to start prep, but when I did I put my blinders on and staying true to nutrition and workouts ???? Making progress every single day! #consistency is the ?? to success ???? #bikiniprep #5weeksout #bigcatclassic2017 . . . . . . #npc #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #bodybuilder #bodybuildingmotivation #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitgirls #fitmoms #girlswithmuscles #momswithmuscles #gymmotivation #tbthursday #bpisports #bpiathlete @teambossbodies @bpi_sports

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Training: Aprox 1hr of strength training and currently 45minutes of cardio (I indulged a bit too much in off season) cardio duration varies but always HIIT.

My last show was the Arnold Amateur and was awesome because I got to meet my coach and two of my team mates. Prep/competing is both physically and mentally though (that's why I love the sport so much) so it was awesome have a support team from check ins to finals! Work hard every single day. Two things I live by, hard work always pays off and you get what you deserve.

The gym is my therapy!! With working full time and 3 kids the gym is "me time" You can't pour from an empty cup!

Future goals: 5 weeks out to (fingers crossed) get requalified then onto Nationals in Miami in Nov!

Kristi Amato

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