Klaudia Larson Interview

Competing for almost 10 years, Klaudia Larson from Sweden is currently one of the top European female bodybuilders. In 2001 she won the Swedish Nationals, and three years later she got the Pro card - every bodybuilder's dream. She is also a fitness model and a personal trainer. Interview with a woman of power.

Author: Jonathan.L - Owner Models Observer
September 2006

* Klaudia, how did you decide to become a bodybuilder? What was it in bodybuilding that attracted you so much?

Klaudia Larson: I can't say that I ever decided to become a Bodybuilder. For some reason I have always found muscles attractive, both in men and women.

* After thousands of training hours in the gym, do you remember the early days? How was it then, mentally and physically, getting used to bodybuilding lifestyle?

Klaudia Larson: For a long time I wanted to start weight training but I was afraid of going to the gym. As so many others I was afraid that people would stare at me or laugh at me. Since I didn't know anything about training! But one day a male friend of mine took me along to the gym, showed me some exercises and from that day on I was hooked! The first couple of years I went through pretty much all of the common beginners mistakes.

I trained too hard, too many days a week, too long workouts and I ate way too little and wrong kind of food! But that was one of the things that made it interesting and funny to continue. For each year I learned something new. I planned my training better. I learned new exercises. I started eating better food and the results started showing. I had no intentions what so ever to compete. But more and more people came up to me and asked me if I wasn't going to compete. I thought they were all crazy!! But the idea of actually give it a try started spinning in my head. And 1997 I entered my first Bodybuilding competition. I WON!!! And because of that I had no choice but to continue...

* In 2004 you got your IFBB Pro card - every bodybuilder's dream. How did the new status influence your career? What was changed?

Klaudia Larson: To be honest, it sounds a lot more glamorous than it is to be a Professional Bodybuilder. It is not like being a Tennis or a Golf pro... You don't make any money of it at all!! On the contrary it costs even more!!! Especially for me, as I live in Sweden and all Pro shows are held in USA. I have to pay for everything myself. There are huge expenses for flights and hotels only!!

Klaudia Larson biceps video

* Please describe a typical day in your life.

Klaudia Larson: As for now, when I am preparing for a competition, my day starts with one hours cardio walk before breakfast. After breakfast I spend a lot of time by my computer. Answering emails and I also do some Personal Training/coaching via email. This takes a few hours every day. A lot of time also goes to preparing meals for every day. Usually I cook a lot of food at once, and put in the freezer. This way I have ready meals that will last for a few days and I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to cook food every day. In the evening it is time for the gym. Usually 1.5 hours of workout. And later in the evening it is time for my second cardio session. Either at the gym, or another walk.

* Your successful career brought you to many countries. In addition to Sweden, you've already competed in Finland, Czech republic, USA and even in Australia. Do you find differences regarding judging in bodybuilding competitions between the countries?

Klaudia Larson: The biggest difference I have experienced is now being a Pro. I know people have always talked about a lot of politics going on within the IFBB. I can't say for sure if this is the reason, but in some events, for example the Europa Supershow this year (2006) was a lot of confusing judgments going on.

* You obviously use the time in gym very efficiently. What are the necessary conditions for you in order to do so? I see music is one of them.

Klaudia Larson: Yes. Music can really give a great boost of energy!! It is not always easy to feel totally motivated, but the right music can put me in the right kind of mood and helps me through the workout or the cardio session. Also, small things can help tremendously, just a simple thing like someone shouting: "Common Klaudia!!!" It gives me a kick and can make me do one more rep!!!

* In your opinion, which part of your body is the strongest one, and which part needs more training?

Klaudia Larson: My calves and my biceps are very easy to train and to get to grow. This past year I have been working extra hard on my back and my abs. I have managed to improve them both a little, but I still need to keep on working on those body parts. I need more mass on my back and thicker abs.

* How does the day of the competition look like? Do you avoid eating for making your impressive muscles more visible?

Klaudia Larson: On the competition day I eat very small meals, to avoid getting a bulky stomach. And I eat to mostly fast carbs (high GI) on that day.

* In your website, you communicate with the surfers in the forum, and it seems you have warm relationships with them. Were you impressed they understand the bodybuilder lifestyle, or maybe they have wrong assumption about it?

Klaudia Larson: I guess most people visiting my website are into Bodybuilding in one way or another. But it is always nice to hear from people that AREN'T into this sport and still are able to appreciate what I have accomplished! I in return really appreciate when people understand that it is a lot of long and hard work behind this!!

* As a trainer, you use your rich knowledge in diet and bodybuilding to help others. Can you tell us about a success training process of yours? A significant change you've made in someone's life, look and health.

Klaudia Larson: It is hard to point out anyone specific. However I have helped many, both males and females, and not only athletes or competing Bodybuilders, but ordinary people who just want to get into a healthier lifestyle. It is such a great feeling to know I can actually make a difference in someone's life!
Also I must say it is still very odd, but very nice and flattering, everytime I read in a magazine or at the internet about people that actually have me as their role model or source of inspiration! That in return motivates me to continue doing what I am doing!!

* So, at your leisure time will we find you playing with your cats Bruno and Simsan?

Klaudia Larson: Yes!! They are my "kids". I try spending a few moments with them every day when I am not away travelling. I always let them be outdoors to play for a few hours every day too. Although they are of a special breed, Cornish Rex. Usually people keep their Cornish Rexes indoors. But I believe a cat is meant to be outdoors and not only kept indoors.

* Where do you see yourself in the near future, personally and professionally?

Klaudia Larson: Still in good health. Still training and still competing. Continue being an inspiration and role model for others! Hopefully placing higher at competitions but more important for me is to be appreciated and popular among fans, audience, other athletes and photographers! Of course it would be a dream to compete at the Arnolds (Ms International) and Ms Olympia one day!! Further in the future I want to be wealthy, happy, still in good health and living in a warm, sunny place together with my loved one!!


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