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In my younger years I always struggled with my weight. I would go & up down and I was not healthy. I lost a great deal of weight and was introduced to strength training. I became addicted immediately! It changed my body so dramatically and I loved the empowerment I felt. My next big step was to quit the smoking habit. This was difficult but I replaced the habit with more time at the gym. I have not smoked since! I stayed fit to keep off the weight and stay on track with my health.

In 2013 some dear friends of mine talked me into training for a figure competition. I argued that it was impossible for me to achieve those types of goals. I worked hard with my trainer and followed a strict diet of proper amounts of proteins, complex carbs & fats. My first show was July 12,2014 & I placed 2nd! It was a moment and feeling I will never forget...I was terrified to go on stage. I am so glad I had the courage to do it because the self confidence it gave me it changed my life forever! I kept going and competing and received my IFBB Figure Pro Card last July.

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Contest Prep:

Contest preps are cycled with lower & higher amounts of complex carbs and fats with high proteins. About a month out I start shredding body fat for show day, and drinking over a gallon of water daily. The diet is minimal complex carbs and fat cycling. Peak weak is the most exciting, you see more & more definition every day. It is crucial for us not to hold water to achieve the serrated look of the muscles.

Off season I have a little more complex carbs & fats to build more muscle. Less cardio time too! The diet is still very clean and balanced with one cheat meal a week. None of my diet plans have failed me, however every contest prep has been different.

I train each muscle group twice a week and do cardio six times a week (2 days of HIIT) with one rest day. It is tough balancing a career, meal plans & training time, but as I said I am addicted to the sport so the sacrifices are worth it to me.

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I am also 50 years young and am in the best shape of my life! It is never too late to make changes & if your willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to it, anything is possible! I adore this sport and I will keep lifting until the end!

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