Kimberly Howell Blankenship - IFBB Figure Pro

I started weight training in college and continued after I got married in 1990. My husband was a bodybuilder and took me to several NPC competitions. In 2009, we attended the AL State NPC Championships- I decided that night I wanted to compete.

I hired a trainer to help me prep for my first figure competition. My training routine didn't really change much but I quickly learned that a "clean" diet is the key to achieving the physique I was seeking.

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My 12 week prep consisted of weight training 5 to 6 days/week, daily HIIT and a strict high protein, low carb diet. I entered my first competition at age 45. I continued to enter 2 or 3 contests per year and I finally won my pro card at the 2015 IFBB North American Championships at age 50! During off-season, I continue to eat healthy but I am guilty of occasionally indulging in decadent desserts you just have to know your limits.

As I get older, every year of prep seems to get harder. My metabolism is slower, gaining muscle mass is difficult and my body is slower to heal after injury. I now give myself 16 weeks to prep rather than 12 weeks so that I don't have to push myself too hard and risk injury or over stressing my body.

At 53, I'm in the best shape of my life! I know I won't compete forever, but weight training will always be part of my daily routine.


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