Interview With Kim Perez

A meeting with world renowned IFBB Pro Kim Perez.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
June 2012

1. Kim, how are you?

Kim Perez: Iím doing great!

2. So, how and why did you start bodybuilding?

Kim Perez: I started bodybuilding in 2002 because a friend of mine wanted me to try at least one show. I was power lifting at the time and wanted to try something different. The only thing I was not certain of was whether I could stay on a strict diet. My mom also competed in my early teens as an amateur bodybuilder, so I knew a little about bodybuilding and I also loved watching it on ESPN.

3. Bodybuilding is a tough, demanding and expensive sport. What was the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in the journey?

Kim Perez: Injuries have always been my biggest setback. I have two collapsed discs in my lower back. I had to deal with an shoulder injury. I have a very high tolerance of pain. Wear and tear on the body is going to happen over a long period of time.

4. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

Kim Perez: I think my greatest achievement so far has to be my 7th place finish in my first Ms. Olympia last September. I always dreamt of competing, but didnít know up until a couple of years ago if I was going to make it. Just to be on stage was a dream come true. But to top it off with a 7th Place finish was something entirely different.

5. You're an accomplished powerlifter with a world-record bench press to your credit in the Amateur American Powerlifting Federation. How much can you press and squat, and for how many reps? How long did it take to build this tremendou spower?

Kim Perez: Well my personal best bench press and squat has been 315lbs. I can bench press 315 lbs for 3-4 reps. Because of my lower back condition (two collapsed disc), I only do 225 lbs for 15 reps. I think I have always been strong because of me trying to keep up with my two brothers growing up. I have been lifting weights now for 20 years and I think I continue to improve with my strength because now I train with all guys and Iím always trying to catch them.

6. What is the difference between power lifting and weightlifting?

Kim Perez: Power lifting requires you to lift heavy with less reps because the focus is on strength training and building mass. Weight lifting is not so much about strength, but rather about focusing on one body part at a time, which requires less weight in favor of more reps and more sets. This way, you can allow good squeezes to better define each muscle group to your body.

7. What do your meals consist of, and how do you preserve muscle while cutting?

Kim Perez: During my off-season, my meals consist of more carbohydrates and are limited to about 6 meals per day. I also get to cheat in what I eat twice per week. During my contest preparation, I consume high amounts of protein with 8 meals per day. I preserve my muscle by taking in high amounts of protein and I also continue to train like a power lifter. My body has always responded to heavy lifting.

8. How are you training for the IFBB Tampa Pro show in August? Are there any weak parts you will be trying to improve? If so, how?

Kim Perez: Well, itís no secret that I need to put more size on my quads. Iíve been trying to do that for the last 6 years. Itís not that my legs are bad, but that my upper body is just so powerful. I will continue to make improvements on my physique. I have started getting deep tissue massages to break up the fatigue in my quads. I already train my quads twice per week as it is.

9. Do you usually predict your final placing from the beginning by comparing your physique to your opponents in the pump room, or is it totally unpredictable? Could you give a few examples from a past bodybuilding competition?

Kim Perez: I never compare my physique to anyone because we all have different physiques. I think itís totally unpredictable. Still, size in matters more than anything in FBB these days and ladies are judged more favorably on size than on symmetry and definition. This is just my personal opinion and one that I think affects FBB bodybuilding in a negative way. The days of Lenda Murray and Cory Everson are long gone.

10. In their study, The fine line: An insight into 'risky' practices of male and female competitive bodybuilders, Anne Probert, Dr Farah Palmer & Dr Sarah Leberman found that for women, bodybuilding had the capacity to play into, even amplify, their sensitivities surrounding appearance and body image, their preoccupation with diet and weight control, and a propensity towards eating disorders. From your rich experience, how true is it?

Kim Perez: I canít speak for other women and whether FBB is an unhealthy compulsion for some. All I know is that when it comes to me, I love to lift. Itís really a part of who I am, and I canít imagine life without it. Have I had any eating disorders? No! If anything, FBB has introduced discipline in my life-the kind of discipline you really canít get anywhere else.

11. What is a typical day in the life of Kim Perez like?

Kim Perez: I think it really depends if Iím enjoying my off-season. Normally I go to work Monday Ė Friday 8-4:30, stop home for a second or two before going to workout for 2 Ĺ hours. Afterwards, I go home and fix meals for the following day before going to bed. On weekends, I normally see family or go to dinner with my workout buddies.

12. How has your childhood shaped the woman you have become today?

Kim Perez: I think our childhood shapes all of us in some sort of way. Granted, I didnít think I become a FBB, but I knew Iíd be a leader in setting a positive example for other people. Hopefully, that is what Iím doing today.

13. How do you like to spend your leisure time?

Kim Perez: Well, because Iím so busy a lot of time, I cherish those precious moments in where I can relax and watch a movie. I may see family at times or play with my little 3.5 lbs Yorkie.

14. Letís talk about your new website and the "Member's Only" section.

Kim Perez: My official website debuted in early February and has received more than 13,000 visitors since. In April, I launched VIP Channels for monthly subscribers. The content includes exclusive video clips, pictures, a personal journal, an archive for past content, and a chat room that allows me to communicate live with my subscribers once a month. Itís really been a privilege to host the site and I have fans who have subscribed from more than 24 countries worldwide.

15. What are your future goals?

Kim Perez: My ultimate goal is to one day be Ms. Olympia. But, my immediate goals are to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle I live and to feel blessed with every day that God gives me.

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