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Weight Loss Success Story: 95lbs down!

It all started with the fact that I could barely walk up stairs without getting out of breath and light headed, bullying became an every day occurrence and I couldn't play games with my little sister for longer than a few minutes. One day I decided that this lifestyle needed to change so I could live a long and fulfilling life. I started to workout and eat healthier and every day I felt better so I was determined to keep going.

When I am trying to bulk, I do so in the leanest way possible. I am not someone who likes the feeling of gaining weight so I increase my calories gradually and I do the same when I am trying to lean out. I feel as if your diet should not define your life, the minute it is taking over your life is when you aren't doing it right. It is possible to prep in a healthy manor without cutting your calories to 800 a day. I have tried low carb, I usually am not one to buy into those crazy diets. They totally depleted my energy and made my lifts so terrible. I felt like I wasn't capable of doing anything. Ya I lost some weight but how I felt was 100% not worth it.

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I usually train Hypertrophy and strength throughout my programs as I feel these are the most effective for my physique and goal. Hypertrophy is amazing when starting to lean out and I feel you can still kick butt when in a caloric deficit. HIIT is one of my favourite forms of cardio, short and effective. As my goal of leaning out approaches I usually up my cardio to kick the fat loss into gear, when 'lean bulking' I slowly minimize the amount of cardio I am doing per week to insure that I am gaining muscle as planned.

Honestly I think remembering where you came from is HUGE, it is important not to get down on yourself, by doing so this will cause stress and as most of us know stress effects our progress. Wake up every morning proud and happy about how far you have came, don't let anything get in your way and hustle to that stage.

As I am sure a lot of people know, losing weight isn't easy. From competing to just improving your health it takes a lot of motivation and dedication to accomplish. My biggest challenges seen to stem from eating, I feel as this is something that takes a ton of knowledge to perfect.

Fitness: It has honestly improved my quality of life so much, it taught me dedication, motivation and what it really means to work for something you want. Bodybuilding is a foundation for work, life, family etc. It really has become a passion and part of my life.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY, a few years ago I would have never taken a photo like this in my wildest dreams ????? I've came so far & I'm so proud, sometimes when I get down on myself I look back at my before photos & remember it takes time ??YES GIRL ??????? @vannabelt discount code - KZEEFITNESS10 // SNAPCHAT- kierstycutie ; I post daily ??

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Future plans: Compete in a natural figure competition, get my pro card and help inspire and train as many individuals as possible. My goal is to inspire and help others accomplish their own health and fitness goals.

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