Kerryne Henich - IFBB Bikini Pro

My most recent Pro competition was in Florida, the IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup on October 10, 2016. Check in's were smooth. I love Florida. I always feel very welcome there. I did 3 of my 5 Pro competitions in 2016 in Florida and loved every one of them. The shows always run smooth, and they treat us very well. I had just competed in Phoenix a couple of weeks prior, and didn't place well at all, and immediately following the competition I fell down my stairs and sprained my ankle so my two week prep into Fort Lauderdale I was nursing a sprain, and pushing myself pretty hard. Not an easy prep for me but I managed to come in a lot leaner and one of my best packages of 2016!

Kerryne Brown
10 weeks out

Since earning my Pro card in 2015 I have been able to compete in several Pro competitions and I have placed at the bottom, middle and top of the pack. I have learned that all that matters is how I feel about me. The trophy, the winnings, yes they are nice. But in the end what gives me that high is knowing that I beat my last me. That I was able to push myself harder than I ever imagined. That just when I thought I couldn't get any better, I did. I love it. After going through a divorce in late 2015, being a single mom to two teenagers, and finding the love of my life in 2016, I have found happiness in all aspects of my life. Where competing and bodybuilding used to be my only outlet to escape my unhappiness, I have been able to use now as a way to improve my life and 2017 is going to be a great year for me.

My diet is mainly low carb. This is by choice. I find that most carbs make me feel lethargic and tired, and I get energy from other resources. I prefer to eat this way on and off season and maintain a fairly lean build so that when I do decide to step on stage I am able to do so without major restrictions. I do enjoy treat meals and going out here and there as well. Training is early morning cardio before work (4 am) and lifting after work most days.

Biggest challenge is TIME. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Working full time, 5 kids and all of their activities, homework, trying to fit in a competitors lifting schedule is NOT easy but I have found that when you want something you WILL and CAN make it work. I have been able to do this for 9 9 years. We all have bad days and that is OK. Sometimes we all end up at the Rec Center and half of us are swimming while the other half are on the track, or playing basketball. You just make it fun for everyone.

Future plans: Salt City Showdown April 22, 2017 (in my hometown of Salt Lake City, UT) & Florida Grand Prix May 6-7, 2017 are my first 2 pro shows of the year!

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