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Update from Keri Ann after placing 7th at the 2017 IFBB Europa Dallas.
June 2017

The experience for the Dallas Europa was very stimulating and overall a great experience. The energy of so many like minds filling the 80,000 sq ft expo was more then exciting.

Every stage and every prep is always going to be a little different. I constantly work on improving my package and have an ideal look that I personally work towards. I intuitively feed my body as needed based on my daily activities verses following a regimented program, I work with a baseline nutrition guide for my overall goal and most importantly my total body health. Life has its way of challenging you to the core when you are in prep. This year I adventured off to college again and that has made competition life a little more chaotic. Nutrition has became an intuitive process based on my work load and training schedule. I have experienced the circle of life in my family in the short weeks of each show this year, makes you really appreciate life and how precious it is.

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Being an athlete is absolutely 100% of my life but it is not 100% of my identity though. I am currently a college student, as well as a coach, business owner, facilitator and manage a holistic wellness empowerment center. I also work on a non profit child safety awareness foundation, mentor youth and enjoy public speaking events, and yes everything is based around my competition schedule and my lifestyle of nutritional needs.

I plan to continue to work towards the baddest show in the world, the Olympia. I currently have successfully been added to the list for being in the points to qualify, and I will continue to show this year. As for what show to be exact, you must watch and find out.

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