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Kelly: I started competing at 19. I decided to join the Marine Corps and get in the best shape of my life. Before I went to bootcamp, I lost a lot of weight and put on some muscle. After graduating bootcamp, while the Marines, I started training like crazy at the gym on base. I ran into two national level competitors that told me to give it a shot. Let's rewind to the days ESPN had Cory Everson and Kiana Tom shows that I only wished I could look like. So when people said do it, I was excited and motivated. I have a background in dance, so I came up with a quick routine, got on stage in 2000 for my first NPC bodybuilding show. I placed third and the rest was history.

I competed up until 2011 nationally and am currently actively involved in prepping people. I have two online prep sites in which I train clients online and

My diet changes by becoming more structured. As I get closer to shows, I carb cycle with a three day fluctuation. I coach my clients with a very similar protocol. The reason it works is because carb cycling forces the body to burn more calories when it's tricked. I would say my most failed attempts were completely cutting carbs for a long duration. It flattened me out so much I looked stringy and was dizzy. Not smart at all. I also tried using shakes which is another huge mistake because you can't get nearly as hard and conditioned off of liquid meals.

I train now on a five day split. Monday is chest and tris, Tuesday is legs, Weds is shoulders, Thursday is back and bis, and Friday is a light split of whatever I didn't hit hard that week. For shows, I do a five day plan with a two on one off two on split.

I was always super shy as a kid and when I met my dance teacher as a young girl, she taught us that the stage was where you entertain. I always knew how to entertain. I could be someone else when I performed, so I did just that and smiled. The jitters were there but they subside when you're out there. It's all pure adrenaline from that point forward. I teach posing now and I use the same principles. I tell people just smile at the last row! You'll be good.

Stage experience: Well more so as a coach, I remember I had a client back stage and her old coach was competing with her in the same class. The lady was in her mid 50s and she was literally heckling her. I turned around and told her to stop and said we are all in this together. That's piss poor sportsmanship. I raised a stink but it was well deserved.

I am hoping to compete in the NABBA Universe this year. I am helping my fiance Eddie Robinson (IFBB bodybuilding legend), NABBA USA new President to grow NABBA USA. You can check this amazing historical federation at NABBAWFF.COM for more details. We are in the process of looking for promoters and athletes to get involved with the NABBA USA. Heck, Arnold Schwarzennegar won NABBA Universe 4 times. So that's what I have going on.

As far as coaching I am always taking on new clients. You can contact me at

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Kelly Lynn Nauyokas

Kelly Lynn Nauyokas