Keisha Mckenzie - IFBB Bikini Pro

Keisha: I actually begin competing after experiencing a bad relationship. It was just what I needed to rebuild self confidence and finally do something for me. It allowed me to grow not only physically but spiritually as well.

Pre-contest is very strict in terms of calories and all junk foods are eliminated in compare to offseason calorie intake is flexible and nothing is really off limits. However, it's in my best interest to get the most of my nutrients from whole foods. I'm very experimentally when it comes to training and dieting. I obtain my procard while experimentally with if it fit my macros for the first time. I'm currently using intermittent fasting during my offseason and have manage to comfortable maintain 10 pounds less of my usual off season weight.

Failed diet: The cookie cutter diet, extreme low carb. Because the body needs carbs to function especially for energy and you can receive better results by learning the right balance needed to meet your goals. I also found you're less likely to rebound if you're not restricted.

I work out 5-6 days consist of 2 leg days, 1 plyometric and alternate with upper body. How do you balance training with diet? We all have a diet my diet is my lifestyle. Plan my meals ahead of time.

Building self-confidence: If I'm able to put in all the work ethics and determination and transform I owed it to myself in order to win I must put my fears aside and bring the best package/ or performance needed to win.

Well like many other competitors the stress lies with managing your daily life activities as well as trials that one might encounter due to so call LIFE. As a mother of 3 my youngest being 7 months at the time, working full time while experiencing a divorce was no walk in the park. Some crumble under stress where as I it gives me something to fight for. There is also the stress of the expectation required to compete and being that these requirements are so vague and subjective based upon who's judging you and who you're competing against. I guess I strive for the challenge because one thing for certain competing isn't for the faint hearted.

It was said to me at the beginning not to expect going pro anytime soon it usually take several years based on the politics of what team you belong to and who you know in the industry. I refused to let that discourage me. I was also told that no matter how good you are you will have to take your queue in line as to when you will become pro. Clearly I refused to let that discourage me rather used it as fuel. Also, now being a pro I'm told the politics are even greater and only the same girls will every take top slots. I've yet to decide on my pro debut but I assure you when I do I won't be cutting any corners. My motto is to work so hard that they have no choice but to award you for your hard work.

Stage experience: Nerves, looking around stacking yourself up against all the beauties usually occurs at prejudging. Then I zoom into why I'm here and focus solely on performing as if I've already won.

Future Plans: Helping others set fitness goals and crushing it. Online training service, fitness modeling, Olympia maybe?


Keisha Mckenzie

Keisha Mckenzie

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