Keara Christine - Bikini Competitor

Well I have wanted to compete for years but I never knew where to start and was worried about how much it would cost. After working on building muscle for the past two year pretty heavily and doing more functional fitness type training, I decided now was the time to lean out and go for a softer, more feminine look. In December I got together with my coach and then January 2017 I stated prepping.

Everyone's body is different so what works for me may not work for someone else and vise versa. As a nutrition coach, I eat a pretty healthy plant based diet year round. During prep is when I have to get stricter on my portions and control my macros and the timing of my meals. I have found that I work best on a keto diet. Low carb ALONG with low fat does not work for me. My body needs fats to function so the lower I go the worse I perform and look. I prefer a high fat low carb diet.

I lift heavy 5-6 days a week, with 1-2 days of strictly low intensity cardio and yoga. Since I teach spin, I do a lot more cardio than your average competitor. On days I don't teach spin, I will do 15-30 mins of HIIT on the stair master or sprints on the treadmill.

All of my year of cheer and dance definitely prepped me for getting on stage and showing of my hard work. There is something about having all those flights on you and knowing you have control of the room that is so empowering! This past weekend was my first show and I absolutely loved it! I didn't think I would want to do another one but stepping off that stage, I knew I would be back. I met so many amazing women, from first-timers, like me, to seasoned vets that showed me the ropes.

Life as an athlete: You see the world in a completely different way. Everyday I wake up thinking about how my body is feeling, what I am doing for my workout and what I am going to eat that day. Others may not think about these things at all but they tend to consume you when it is part of your job.

I am currently trying to decide on my next show date. All I know is that there WILL be a next one!

Currently in a @donutbar and @boochcraft fueled coma from all of this weekend's activities. Waiting 5 LONG months for these babies was soooo worth it ?????? Unfortunately, I woke up feeling like I legit got hit by a truck after getting 12 HOURS of sleep ?? Not sure if it's all the food or if I caught Joe's cold or if my body just really needs to recoop and recover.... but man.. I am hurting today and definitely feel a nap coming on reeeeal soon ?? If anyone has any post comp rituals to get you feelin back to normal, send them my way! In the meantime, I'll just be here reminiscing on these out-of-this-world donuts from #donutbar ???? #donutsarelife #doughnutsanddeadlifts #DONUTtellmehowtolivemylife

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IT'S SHOW DAY! ????????#musclecontest #npcbikini #nightofchampions

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