Kayla Renee Marie - Physique Competitor

I start competing in Hawaii under the gym iron Hawaiian fitness actually the rock (wwe) trains there too. Main reason I started bodybuilding, I was in an extremely abusive relationship physically and mentally for 6 years. I wanted to gain strength and confidence in myself to fight back during that extremely difficult time. It wasnít till I was two years into bodybuilding it gave me the confidence and strength to leave that relationship and move forward. Now I have found I want to be in this sport to uplift others that might be in a situation like mine or similar difficulties. I want to get others to believe in themselves, know they arenít alone and to have the ability to know true inner and outer strength. Know no matter what situation you're in that you can do it.

Kayla Renee Marie

I actually usually donít follow a strict diet off season. Iíve been struggling with depression and anxiety for years so itís been a roller coaster off season for myself. I recently have found a very stable situation in my life where I can focus, diet and train hard. My diet is high protein, carb cycling and low fats. Honestly carb cycling works best for my body type not keto. My diet is pretty easy, Iíve been on the same plan for awhile. I juggle training between being a mom and a pharmaceutical science student. I am able to be organized by writing everything done and planning everything exactly out. Itís really all about using your time wisely. If Iím short and need to hurry. I will do a 20 min hiit for cardio. That works very good for me

Fail expectations were trying out keto, sometimes people just hold on to fat in keto. My body wouldnít switch to a keto state.

I had absolutely no self confidence. My coaches I found in Hawaii really believed in me and created the strong beast I am today. They gave me the gift of believe I could do anything. They gave me the gift of being kind in our sport and supporting others as well. It only takes one person to believe in someone. I absolutely canít thank any of them enough. We are family to this day. I can never repay them for what they have done for me.

Well I competed in Mesa, AZ it was absolutely the best show Iíve ever done. They had online streaming so all my family could watch. They treated us like pro with smoke machines, very organized. I got great feed back and loved that everyone after the show was so nice, loved my routines.

Being athlete in bodybuilding lets me express myself thru my body. I used to dance and I missed the stage. This is a way I can create my own routines and shape my body. I love it and wouldnít change it.

Future goals: to achieve my Ifbb pro card and to graduate as a pharmaceutical scientist.

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