Katy Unruh - Figure Competitor

Started competing at 34 in a fitness comp where Sandra Wickham placed first. She has the Sandra Wickham classic now in Bc. I started figure when I was 36. Placed first and then went on to provincials and nationals. I'm a clean athlete as I have lupus which is an autoimmune disease I started to notice myself go into longer remissions once I got to a certain body fat and cut out certain foods. So the journey began.

I recently finished my 25th competition after retirement of 3 years as a triple natural pro. I got sicker in those last three years and finally started to go back to my diet and training tactics. I'm in full remission now since August 10. I eat a balanced diet of clean carbs and protein but don't eat any shell or farmed fish. I eat a lot of wild fish. I don't eat chicken. I am weak on it. I don't eat shade veggies other than potatoes and I rarely crave sugar. I've sometimes come in too lean when certain professionals tell me I need ketogenic or extreme water flush. I keep my diet tight and don't allow extreme gluttony cheats. It's a lifestyle for me.

I feel it's extremely important to have a proper mind set when prepping for stage. As many people tend to go crazy after a show and binge eat and drink. It's not really fair to your body to put it to such extremes and then screw it up yet again by going in the opposite direction. This is about fitness.

Bodybuilding is an art to me. Building perfect symmetry and creating more seasoned muscle as time goes by in the journey. It's an ever learning sport and I love every aspect. People argue that one must compete to win. I have done many shows and although it's exciting to win, it's very important not to downplay the effort and beautiful sculpture one has created for their event. Nobody should leave feeling ripped off or bitter. If you are proud of your accomplishment, and really pose well with grace and present a beautiful sculpted physique then you are showcasing for the audience who come to see these beautiful dedicated artists. When you go to an art gallery, there is no first place as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every artist has his own expression of beauty.

My future plans are to take one day at a time and to mentor others in living healthy and feeling blessed with what God gave them. Teaching clients to love their body is a first. Teaching a client to take it to a new level is always exciting, but to have true success, one must be balanced with realistic expectations and be willing to embrace the loss as much as the win After the stage, it's reality and maintaining a happy healthy body is what is truly important

Katy Unruh
Pro athlete and personal trainer and formulator of Katy's kookies naturally lean bars

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