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Katie: I loved running races (5ks to half marathons) and loved the overall training and experience while doing them. I decided in order to build muscle I really need to get serious about lifting weights. Some of my friends had competed and told me to give it a shot. After doing research I figured ďwhy notĒ and joined D4 Muscle! The rest is history!

Diet: This is my first season competing so completely changing the way Iíve eaten has been the hardest part for me. While Iím on prep I eat a pretty standard diet. Lots of protein, greens, and a good balance of carbs. I donít necessarily lower my caloric intake but I do measure each of my foods to ensure Iím not over or under eating.
I guess this would be considered my ďoff seasonĒ because Iíve decided to build and wait to hit the stage again until next year. However, my training and my eating really hasnít changed much. I still eat between 6-8 meals a day and make sure Iím getting enough nutrients so I donít burn out during my training. I do, though, enjoy an occasional ďcheat mealĒ and donít stress if I havenít tracked everything. I personally tend to become a hermit and keep to myself during prep so Iíve been taking full advantage of this off time to really enjoy life and food.
When I first started into prep I was on a very high protein low carb diet and still training 2x a day. I felt myself getting burnt out and honestly just hungry. Once I upped my carb intake and added in more greens, my body adapted.

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When I train I make sure to incorporate everything. I always do cardio in the morning, itís like my morning coffee, and Iíll lift weights at night. I like to incorporate HIIT and Plyos during my lifts to keep my heart rate up. Iíve found what works best for me is light weight high reps and thatís how Iím able to keep my muscles long and lean.

I would consider myself a pretty outgoing person and the thought of getting on stage never really made me nervous. I couldnít wait to get glammed up and show what I had worked for. I think thatís the best advice I can give someone is HAVE FUN! Competitors work really hard and those 2 minutes you have to strut on stage, go all out!

May was my first competition and honestly one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I had worked so hard and the whole experience seemed so surreal. My family and friends were able to come and I think thatís what made the whole weekend so special. I sacrificed so much time and busted my butt for so long having the most important people in my life there to see what I worked so hard for was unforgettable.

Iíve decided to take the rest of the season off and really focusing on bringing a better package next year. Iím currently training for a half marathon and one day hope to do a full. I love everything about fitness and love how itís always changing! Iím so excited to take the much needed break and get on stage next year!!

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