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I was struggling with burnt out/stress/depression/binge eating disorder which all stemmed from stressors of medical school. I felt worse and worse as the years went by, and my grades, social life, relationships all started to go downhill. So, I turned to fitness. I reached out to a local gym that offers coaching for bikini prep competitions and me, being the type of person who constantly needs to strive toward something, decided that I wanted to compete.

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I started my prep for my very first NPC bikini competition in May 2017. I’ve done macro counting before entering prep but during contest prep (3 months), I followed a strict set meal plan, eating almost the same things every day. Honestly, macro counting is great, in off-season in my opinion, but sticking to the same foods personally helped me to reduce cravings and it was easier for me (with my busy school schedule) to not have to decide/wonder what I was going to eat each day. I ate 6 meals a day, mostly some sort of protein, rice, and veggies.

My training plan included lifting 6x week, and HIIT cardio 5x week. I only added fasted cardio the last 3 weeks of my prep. My legs hold on to fat the most, and I realized that sprints helped me lean out way more effectively than the stairmaster (which I see most bikini girls doing!).

So, to describe my experiences at my first competition:
I went to the venue to check-in and got my first coat of spray tan the night before competition day. Check-ins took FOREVER and let me tell you, I was SHOCKED with the tanning process! I walked into the tanning room, and there were about 6 girls bare naked standing around like nothing was wrong! I was so embarrassed at first, thinking to myself, “act normal… wait where am I supposed to look at…omg”. Then, when I got home, I tried the red solo cup peeing method and failed miserably, leaving marks all over my bum.

On show day, I did my own makeup and hair, and got my second coat of tan on. It felt like forever waiting backstage. I was SO nervous. But, when we were told to line up and as soon as I set foot on stage, all the nerves disappeared. It was a weird feeling. I am a very shy individual in general and my coach was worried that I wouldn’t be confident on stage. But all that fear and anxiety went away when I stepped on stage. I felt like a different person. I was confident and happy. It’s hard for me to describe the exact feeling I felt, but I LOVED it. And I ended up placing in both novice and open, qualifying for nationals!

First day of prep --> last day of peak week ?? It's surprising how much your body can change in just 3 months with diet and exercise. Honestly it's hard for me to see these changes and I always feel like I have a lot of room to improve (which I do) but it's important to take a step back and be proud of how far I've come . . . . #transformation #motivation #selflove #workout #diet #prep #npcbikini #humpday #wednesday #glutes #muscle #improvement #fatloss #girlswholift #womeninmedicine #medschool #study #sportsmedicine #bodybuilding #fitnessjourney #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #nevergiveup #hardwork #loveyourself

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I started this journey thinking of it as a one-time thing, with a mindset of “let’s try it, why not?”. But now, I want it to be a part of my life. It brings me happiness. I learned so much throughout this process; I became more knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition, I learned to be strong willed, dedicated, and it taught me that I am capable of anything if I set my mind to it. I also learned to manage my time better and my grades, relationships, life in general improved.

My plans for the future are to continue training and compete in nationals in 2018, encourage fitness/health/balance through social media, and to become a physician who advocates her patients to lead a healthy, happy, fit life!

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Email: katwoo92@gmail.com

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