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Katherine: I didnít pick up a weight until I was 48. That was four years ago. Before that I was marathon runner and mountaineer. Iíve summited all of the major peaks in Washington state, including Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker and Mt. Olympus three times each, along with numerous other minor peaks throughout the Northwest. Iím also a technical ice and rock climber. My oldest son was my climbing partner, and when he moved to another state, I didnít know what to do! I decided to find out what those guys were doing on the ďotherĒ side of the gym (since I only used cardio equipment at that time). I hired a trainer, learned to lift, and eventually he suggested that I try a show because my back really started to develop quickly (all of the rock climbing and carrying heavy packs was a great base). For the last two and a half (and most successful) years of my bodybuilding career, Iíve worked with Noel Fuller. Noel has really helped me with conditioning, nutrition and training so that I can perform and compete at a higher level.

Diet: In my opinion, there isnít an off-season. I view food as fuel for the next workout and for performance. So, before I eat something I ask myself what it can do for me. Eating poor quality food results in poor performance, so I avoid it. Iíll eat ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter following a show for a couple of weeks, then go back to my regular regime. My calories are typically high during building phases (2500 Ė 3000) with a higher carb and fat ratio. If I eat fats, I like fats that are going to actually do something for me, like steak and eggs. Pre-contest usually consists of slowly reducing carbs and fat, keeping the protein high. Nothing magic Ė just the old school stuff seems to work best for me. I eat a lot of steak, chicken, white rice and green beans.
High protein, moderate carb intake works for me. Calorie intake depends on the person, their activity level, and many other factors so there isnít a one size fits all answer on how to lose weight and gain muscle.

Failed diets: Starvation diets. The tilapia/asparagus/hours of cardio a day diet plan starting six weeks out was popular and recommended to me when I first started competing. The carb up consisted of cheesecake and skittles. I looked and felt awful, and the rebound afterwards was horrific. What I learned, at least for me, is starvation and ketosis-type diets donít work.

I take CLA three times a day on a regular basis, BCAAs and glutamine. I also use Dymatize ISO 100 whey protein on a regular basis, but cut it out three weeks before a contest so my body is depending entirely on food. These supps provide a cumulative Ė not immediate Ė effect.

Training: I do a six day split, with weakest parts twice in that six day period. For me, thatís legs and delts. Endurance sports donít exactly build these areas. I split delts into two groups Ė anteriors get worked with chest, lateral and posterior get worked as a separate group. I increase carbs before and after workouts. Training and an exceptional, regimented diet are connected and as I see it, one canít exist without the other to achieve high performance and optimal result.

Future plans: Iím in graduate school and I work full time in addition to bodybuilding. Ií m taking the next eleven months or so to work on my degree, enjoy an extended building phase, and then hit a couple of pro-qualifiers in 2015. For now, Iím really enjoying the ride.

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Katherine Hoffman

Katherine Hoffman

Katherine Hoffman