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It all started when I was 21 and wanted to quit smoking cigarettes and get healthy. I join the gym, bought "Bill Phillips eating for life" and it's truly just snowballed from there.

The diet is fairly similar, in an off season, however, there are just more calories. Especially in an off-season, I have a lot more added in dietary fats. Most recently what works best for me is a back loading carb cycle. I've done frontloading carbs, carbs surrounding my work out, no carbs, ketogenic diet, and intermittent fasting. They all work but my current plan seems to work the best. Plus I love having my big bowl of rice at night.

I lift weights five days a week, we hit legs and shoulders 2x per week, back and arms 1x. I do fasted interval training every day, in addition to post lift cardio.... my coach is the man in charge of the balance! He cycles my carb days around my lifting schedule.

Self-confidence: That truly comes from how I feel about myself within. You can't fake confidence, sex appeal, Pride, and personality. I wear my heart on my sleeve so what you see on stage is truly me! In addition to all that, I love the stage, and miss the stage when I'm not on it, so deep down I'm having the time of my life!!

On stage: My feelings and experience are the same every time. Excitement and anxiousness. The best part is always being around my IFBB family. Catching up with these women who live across the country is second to nothing!!! We are all sisters, Who respect and care and root for each other no matter what!!

Future plans: Going to hit a couple shows this summer/fall in between my trip to Italy. I'm also an NPC judge and that keeps me extremely busy but very much involved in this world that I love!!! I also am an NPC posing coach and personal trainer and I will continue helping as many people as I can get to the stage!!

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My email address: katelane20ga@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kate.lane.79
IG: @thekatester0123

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