Kassie Kemmis - IFBB Figure Pro

Follow-up interview with Kassie Kemmis.
August 2015.

1. Kassie, how are you? Thanks for joining me again, now as a Pro.

Thank you for the opportunity!

2. Tell us a bit about your recent experience at your pro debut at the LA Pro.

Jon Lindsay, Tamer El Guindy, & Shirley Moran put on a great contest! It was very well-organized. They told us the time we would be going on stage, and that is what time it was, which was awesome! I loved competing against other top-level figure professionals. Each of us was there to support each other, even though we were competing against each other. I had a lot of fun!

3. What is the first thing you ate after the show?

The first thing I ate was a Quest Bar because I had it in my bag! My family that came to the contest went with me to the Cheesecake Factory. Muscle Contest so kindly gave us a gift card for dinner. I’ve only been there once since we don’t have them in Montana, so of course we had to go. I had a glass of wine, a chicken dish, and caramel cheesecake.

4. How was your prep different this time from the Nationals?

Each contest prep I have been through has been different since my body is constantly changing. Lance (my boyfriend, trainer, and diet coach) & I always look to see what changes I have made to my body and we cater to that. My schedule leading up to Nationals was very busy and I was constantly moving since I had a few different jobs. The last couple months of my prep for LA was after graduation and during the summer, so I had a little more free time. With that, I was having 5 meals a day instead of 6. I also decided to cut out my “cheat meals” about 6 weeks out, whereas for Nationals, I cut them out 2 weeks before. I found that helped me to stay focused and keep a good schedule with my diet.

As far as training goes, my weight routine and split does not change since Lance & I train together year-round. However, I did throw in a lot more HIIT cardio sessions. During my prep for Nationals, I was mainly focusing on low duration cardio.

5. What does being a Pro competitor mean to you?

To me, being a pro competitor means that I am a professional in the sport, therefore I can act as a guide, resource, or mentor for those interested in competing or wanting to know more about the lifestyle. I also feel it is important to demonstrate and promote the bodybuilding lifestyle in a positive way. I try to always have a positive attitude and the correct mindset to show that this lifestyle is enjoyable. Being a professional means that I am presenting myself in a proper way, whether that be at a competition, in the gym, on my own personal time, or on social media.

6. How do you stay so motivated? What drives you?

Staying motivated can be a challenge, but I truly believe a lot of it comes from your attitude, mindset, and having positive thoughts. It is important to create motivation so you have the capability of taking action. Here are a couple things I do daily: *Get enough rest at night so I can wake up in the morning to do cardio… sweating early in the day helps boost my energy level and releases tension *Upon waking, read an inspiring positive quote *I always have a plan for the day… I have a couple different to-do lists (things to do that day & tasks I need to finish in a longer term). I continuously add to it, adjust as needed, and check things off. I also have a calendar where I put everything. These help to keep me organized and on top of the tasks I have throughout the day. *Stick to my schedule so I have time to prepare and eat meals, as well as train and be at the gym when I need to. *Devote time to myself… during this time, I stay away from social media, music, tv, etc. and focus on things I have done and still need to do. I look at my lists, calendars, and notes during this time. I brainstorm new ideas, research info that interests me, and save relevant items that I want to look back on.

7. What three training myths would you like to see busted?

*High reps & low weight will make you toned: you need to lift heavier weights to build quality muscle (combined with the proper diet). This doesn’t mean try to outlift every person in the gym. Rather, try to outlift yourself and push each rep until failure. Getting “toned” comes with your diet and cardio routine.

*Do ab exercises to get a 6 pack: everyone has abdominal muscles, but again, this comes with diet and cardio. Yes, you can build muscle in your abs by doing proper exercises, but in order to see definition, fat loss needs to occur.

*I had to put a diet one in -- the saying “30% gym, 70% diet”: I hear a lot of people say this and the reason I don’t like it is pretty simple… I believe it should be 50/50. If you are putting a great amount of effort in the gym, but lacking on your diet, results will not show. The same goes the other way around.

8. For any ladies thinking of competing in Figure or working their way up the competition ladder, do you have tips or suggestions to share?

Don't rush into it. That's my best tip. Some females (and males) rush into a competition shortly after beginning to train hard in the gym. It has become "the cool thing to do". I've seen many individuals do this and the results are not as they hoped. It takes time to develop your physique and prepare your mind for competition. If you want to just say you did a competition and call yourself an NPC competitor, then that is great and there is nothing wrong with it. But... If you want to be the absolute best that YOU can be and commit yourself fully, I recommend getting used to the training and dieting of a competitor's lifestyle, then deciding on a show in the future. There will always be a competition that you can be a part of. I did this, and I am so happy that I did. I don't believe I would have been satisfied if I had not. Along with that, if you are one that is looking to do YOUR best, I would find a knowledgeable coach that has experienced higher level competitions and can write a personalized program based on you. Many individuals call themselves a "coach" after doing a couple competitions. My coach, trainer, nutritionist, guide is Lance. He has gotten me to where I am and now we are helping competitors (all levels) attempt to reach their own goals.

9. What is a day in the life of Kassie Kemmis like?

I wake up right way in the morning (about 5:30-6am), have a cup of coffee, and head to the gym to do my morning cardio session. I eat my first meal then work out with Lance. On days that I work, I head there and do cardio when I am done in the afternoon/evening. On days that I don’t work, we run errands or go home and get other work done. I devote the morning to cleaning up our apartment. We also schedule meetings, appointments, consultations at this time. Lance heads to work in the afternoon and I head to the gym again for my second round of cardio. I head back home and work.

10. What are your interests outside of the fitness world?

Lance & I love spending our free time with our black lab, Arlee. We take her on hikes and down to the river so she can swim (when Montana weather permits). Other than that, we love to be at home and relax on our couch while watching Netflix or movies. Our favorites are the Avenger’s (all of them). We keep ourselves busy because we enjoy helping others in the health industry, so there are not many things we do outside of the fitness world.

11. Future plans?

I have just received my Bachelor’s degree in Community Health and am currently working on getting a health coaching certification. With that, I offer individual and group coaching sessions in which my client’s receive guidance, encouragement, resources, and feedback. Each meeting is self-directed and focused on desired improvement and goals targeting healthy behavior changes.

Lance & I are also working a lot on my website (www.kassiekemmis.com) and adding in more services to offer competitors and others looking to transform their physique. We are working on a few projects that we will be releasing in the next few months on social media. Lance will be starting his semester soon (studying Radiology Technology) so I will keep busy with our client’s and other health-related services!

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