Karina Zapata - Figure Competitor

Karina: I start at age 6 in ballet and Tahitian dancing, I practice until age 12 when I start aerobic exercises, then when I was a teenager I used to practice all the exercises that I saw on those sports channels on TV and learn exercises from magazines too so I was into sport all my life. Then I join a club so there I took all the classes they have like spinning class, swimming, Pilates, etc. But one day my spinning trainer missed the class so all my partners in class push me to take the class and I decide to certificate in spinning. After that I got a job at the gym teaching spinning so I start training there until now. For the past of the years I was like my friends consider in shape until I start following the instructions of my nutrition specialist then everything turn out very satisfactory in results.

My diet change from off-season to pre-contest in the glycemic index of the meal, in the measure of carbs, protein, lipids, sodium and potassium.

When is off-season I am high on carbs and lipids also sodium and potassium, for example: Whole wheat bread, pasta, rice, lentil. For lipids, almonds, oils, cheese, etc.

And when I am pre-contest, I raise the intake of protein of a biological high level, like fish (salmon and tuna), egg whites and chicken breast.

For me to lose weight the diet has to follow this rules, 60% of carbs and 25% of lipids and the 15% of protein. This is my last diet:
Meal 1
1 cup oatmeal with water
10 almonds
5 egg withes
1 cup of grapefruit 8 oz
Meal 2
1 cup of jicama and carrots
1 cup of green tea
Meal 3
5.5 oz of salmon
1 cup of asparagus
1 cup of brown rice
2 glasses of hibiscus water no sugar
1 slice of whole wheat bread with jam
Meal 4
1 drinking yoghurt light
1 cup of jelly light
Meal 5
5 oz of chicken breast
1 cup of pasta
Green salad ( lettuce, spinach, alfalfa, kale, watercress)
1 cup of green tea

Never failed a diet for me because my coach the Specialist in Nutrition Francisco Ramon Rivas its really god doing his job, thank to him I am doing competition because since I start his diet plans everything change for me I got the best results ever so thatís why I start competition.

Supplements for weight loss in my case are dexamine and xpel and if I take it are like this: Dexamine 2 hr before training 2 caps during 1 month and Xpel 1 cap every 6 hrs for 14 days before competition, but honestly diet itís the key to lose weight.

My weight training program:
Monday, Chest
Tuesday, Glutes and quads
Wednesday, biceps and back
Thursday, Hamstrings
Friday, Shoulders
Saturday, back and triceps
Sunday off, ABS every two days.

My plans in the future are competing in USA probably in spring 2015 in the meantime I want to continue a career as a bikini and figure competitor here in Mexico. And preparing for my next competition so I can have a better physique. My next one itís this weekend in Queretaro Mexico.

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Email: adn360nutricion@gmail.com

Karina Zapata

Karina Zapata