Karen Domingos

NABBA Figure competitor, World Champion of 2017

Karen I was the representative of my country in the World Championship that took place in Russia, after taking the title of Brazilian champion. - Every athlete at the beginning of his career aims to represent his country in competitions around the world and this has always been a dream for me. Being in a world championship is an indescribable sensation.

First to see my name on the list of athletes representing Brazil, second to be with international athletes who have always inspired me and after all this hearing that the 2017 world champion is Karen Domingos from Brazil ... it was a lot of emotion.

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My prep for the world championship was pretty tough. My coach used Periodization training to help me to get rid of boredom, prevent injury and add variety. The aim was to reach the best possible performance in the most important competition of my life. The idea is when your body has finally coped with the insanity of your training program then you change the game. You switch up the focus and add new stimulation in order to trigger a new set of adaptations. I trained 7 days a week (using A,B,C,D,E training) my sessions ranged from 1 to 1:15 hour training, 1 to 2 muscles a day. Fortunately I didn't need that much cardio. I had 7 meals a day, all of them with a portion of protein and 6 with a portion of carbohydrates. No sugar, no deserts, no cheat meals and lots of green leaves and water.

The difference from previous prep was the amount of food, my coach Rubens Gomes doesn't like to see his athletes hungry. So he is always checking my progress to keep my diet balanced and that I am not in starvation mode.

I'm normally a great sleeper. I always get at least 7 hours a night. Except when deep into contest prep. When I get to about 4-5 weeks out I wake up at least 2 times a night. Another thing is I have to go to the bathroom often, during the day every 30 minutes.

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If becoming a bodybuilder, or at least looking like one, were easy, everybody would do it. Itís very, very difficult to get the look of a bodybuilder and even harder to start competing. It takes a complete and total revamp of your lifestyle, and maintaining a strict diet, workout schedule, and sleep schedule is something that most people canít handle.

I have learned to live this lifestyle because I love it so much. I make time for my training daily and I plan my meals. If my family or friends are going out for dinner and I am not off season, I will bring my own food. People do not get it and I have had many people in my life who question my choices but in the end, this lifestyle is what I want and makes me the happiest.

Future plans- I always dreamed of conquering the world, now I want to conquer the Universe.

As an athlete my accomplishments include:
* First place NPC/IFBB Europa Show of Champions in 2012
*First place NABBA Brazilian Championship in 2017
*First place NABBA/WFF Brazilian Championship in 2017
*First place NABBA World Championship 2017 held in Russia
*Writing articles related to fitness and nutrition for multiple magazines spanning several countries including Brazil, U.S.A., U.A.E., Qatar, and India.

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