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I always thought about competing but never really worked on it until I did a 12 week transformation challenge. I used to go to the gym but plateaued after a certain stage, which made me want to see how much further I could push myself. I wanted the discipline, challenge and the lifestyle change most importantly a healthy relationship with food. My diet before comp consisted of eating out 5 times a week and buying myself cake every other day.

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The diet for me personally changed every two weeks, a healthy balance of carbs, protein, fats and fiber. I was never on a restricted diet which made the comp prep enjoyable with a variety of different foods.
All my meals were 150gms of protein and 200gms of salad and veg, with either healthy fats such as avocado, cottage cheese, almonds, yogurt and carbs like brown rice, rice crackers, sweet potato, pumpkin, my pre workout was always dark chocolate and peanut butter and post workout yogurt and fruit! Yum! I had two cheat meals a week until week 4 out. You need carbs to build muscle and protein to get lean.
I've tried a very restricted carb plan, it didn't work because it leads to binging, low energy and no efficiency while working out.

With being on stage, practice, practice and more practice of poses, at least 15 min every day. I would turn the music up and pretended I was on stage. From the constantly smiling to grooving to the tunes, it's all about having fun!

I train weights 5 times a week 45-60min sessions and only bought fasted cardio in about 8 weeks out of a 20 week prep. Started with twice a week in the morning of 30 min hiit building up to 5 days a week for a 60min session in the last week

Getting on stage was one of the most nerve wrecking experiences for me.
The day of the kit collection I was panicking and shaking, a lot goes through your mind and the brain plays tricks to say you're not good enough. My advice when anything negative comes to mind is - don't give up, just go through the motions. Don't think, just do what needs to be done. Do not compare yourself to anyone.
The day of the comp it all comes together, from the tan to the make up, it's exciting because you know it's the day you get to eat cake !
When on stage you forget all the panic, the feeling is like no other, it still surprises me how much fun I had, the adrenaline just kicks in. It has to be one of the best feelings I've ever felt.
Winning is always a bonus, but just being on stage, having the courage to prep and put in so much hard work is an a achievement in itself !

I've developed a liking for cardio which I absolutely hated haha, I go out and do more adventurous outdoor activities and lead an active, healthy lifestyle now rather than being skinny and eating whatever I want. I give my body the fuel it needs. It's changed the way I look at food.

I will be competing again next year and be aiming for different categories, working on growing my muscles and being leaner, the stage is addictive and I can't wait to get back amongst the beautiful strong girls.

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