Kamila Kawecka - Figure Competitor

Kamila: Sport is with me since I was a child. First was dancing then Martial arts and when I was about 15 years old I fall in love with fitness. From the first moment I knew I will have step on the stage it was just a matter of time.

From many years my diet looks approximately the same whenever it is off season or not. The only thing that actually changes is my daily amount of calories. From many years I'm on high fat diet with low carbs. I found this diet the most effective. Of course off season I let myself for some sins and cheat meals, but when it comes to the pre contest reduction there are no excuses or exceptions.

I've never used to follow some special diet, I always try to balance intake of macros playing with fats and carbs. Diet is the most important part of this sport so you can not really stack to some schemes. You have to get now your body, learn it, listen to it. For me diet is much more difficult than training. I have no problem with quality but if it comes to quantity I can't exist when I'm hungry. Keto diet keeps me full for longer. Since I have my coach looking after my diet things seems to be easier, as he is looking after my diet carefully.

The most important part of my training is my weight training. I'm not really a fan of cardio training, so when I have to do it I'm always looking for different kinds of it, so that's usually mix of hiit and the one with constant heart rate.
Training routing - Nothing last for ever. My trainings change constantly. I train usually 6 times a week with six cardio session a week and 5 weight trainings plus 6 extra cardio sessions per week when I'm getting closer to the competition. I do two legs sessions a week then shoulders with arms, separate training for chest and back. I'm working out for last 14 years and from nearly 10 I'm a Personal Trainer so I feel very confident with my training, I know my body and I feel my muscles.

I was always self confidence person so it wasn't really a huge problem to show myself on the stage. It is always a stress in a way but every single time when I step there I feel amazing, happy, and I know I'm ready to do everything to be there again.

My last contest was English Grand Prix which I won. Two things that were most important that my coach Karol Olender was there and I knew I was in good condition. I had my friend with me and he took my stress away. I wasn't even nervous for first couple of hours, until I saw the place where I was going to compete and I realised that will be a big show. Luckily it was very well organised saving unnecessary stress for athletes. The prices were brilliant what doesn't happen very often. And like always on UKBFF shows atmosphere was friendly, many inspiring people, judges always helpful and positive, giving feedbacks which is so for us athletes.

Plans for future? Fitness is my life, it's part of me, I have a great coach, I'm motivated, and I succeed, I have no other choice - I go on doing what I love. British Finals and Diamond Cup that's my next goals.
Since I started to compete everything goes very fast I have started with 5th place just few months ago, now I'm on the top having a chance to achieve my goals, goals that one year ago where just a dreams. I have worked hard for what I've reached up to now but without my coach Karol Olender I would be still just dreaming. Being a PT is not enough to be a coach for yourself. I will never forget who brings me where I am now

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