Kaitlyn Forrester - Bikini Competitor

* Open Bikini Overall winner, Muscle Mayhem 2017

Kaitlyn: I first started entertaining the thought of competing in January of 2016. I hadn't worked out consistently for almost 3 years, and was 1 year post-partum. I have 2 kids and needed a solid goal to motivate me to get in the gym and actually partake in a diet. I have never been overweight, but at that point, I was 128 lbs, which was well over my normal. I got into contact with a local trainer after some of my nurse friends started competing, and I stepped on stage for the first time in June of 2016. Needless to say, Iíve been hooked to the lifestyle ever since.

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Diet: Off-season this past year I went higher on calories and carbohydrates. I kept my macros at a 40/40/20 split. I typically go to 1900 calories to maintain weight, and cut out all cardio to gain weight. I am a nurse, so naturally, I am more active and not sedentary. During prep this year, my calorie content stayed around 1500 calories. I carb cycled to keep my fullness so I didn't look too lean on stage.
I was ketogenic for 6 months both on and off prep. I understand now that this diet was targeted for people that need to lose fat, but when your body is in ketosis, it is hard to build lean muscle. I switched coaches and went back to a high carb, high protein diet. This works the best for my body type and my metabolism.

I lift weights 6 days a week, 3 upper body days, 3 lower body days with emphasis on my glutes and hamstrings. I do minimal cardio, if any at all during off-season. I balance my diet with higher carbs and more protein to build lean muscle mass. I try to do a pre, intra, and post-workout shake, which has shown vast improvements.

As I began to see changes in my body, my attitude transformed with it. I am confident with my body and my increasing knowledge in this sport. I am proud that I have came so far and I am proud that I have the discipline to compete. The confidence on stage augments from my pride in what I have accomplished. My posing has also been a stronger point in my ability to stand out, thanks to Kim Seely IFBB Fitness and Figure Pro.

7 am vs 7 pm. The picture on the ?? my weight was 119.2 and my waist measurement was at 22.5. The pictures on the ?? my weight was 122.6 and my waist measurement was at 24. Moral of the story: do progress pictures in the morning. You're dry, at your lightest, and it's a good control. I am a prime example of holding water during the day and a 3 lb fluctuation is on the low side for me. Although my booty is fuller, so is my stomach. ???? #girlswholift #momswholift #bikinicompetitor #HipDips #timetocutit #checkinpics #reality

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I recently competed in Muscle Mayhem in Kansas City, MO where I took the overall title in Open Bikini. At athlete check-in, I saw the entire list of bikini competitors, and got completely overwhelmed (there were over 150 bikini competitors). After pre-judging, I was relieved as I was moved to dead center in my Open Class. During finals, I was nervous. I was anticipating what the outcome would be and it had been a LONG day, so I was tired and cranky. We finally went up for my class awards at 11:30PM. I got 1st in my class, then that nausea hit me. In the over-all comparison, I kept my composure, nailed my routine with poise. When I heard my name, I was literally shocked. I took pictures, and when I stepped off stage, my emotions got the best of me. My coach, my best friend (who Iíve been competing with for a year), and myself all cried because everything we had done paid off.

Being an athlete: Itís changed my entire lifestyle. I used to go out and be able to enjoy happy hour and drinks with my friends often, whereas now itís maybe once a month. I track everything I eat, which is time consuming. I meal prep on Sundays, as well as using a local meal prep company, Flexpro, which has made planning for meals every day easier. I have found balance between my family and my hobby and my family has found balance as well. I constantly get to tell my story and share my progress, which motivate my friends and followers to lose weight. The best part about my fitness journey is the impact I can have on the life of others.

I am currently taking the rest of the year off to build muscle mass. I am going to do a warm-up show in April, followed by Junior Nationals and USA Championship. Hopefully a pro card is in my near future.

Email: kaitlynforrester@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaitlynforrester

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