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My name is Kailin, I'm 25 and I've been lifting since 2013. After my boyfriend taught me to lift and introduced me to flag nor fail, I became completely obsessed with bodybuilding/wanting to look like Dana Linn Bailey. DLB and Cammie Leal are two of my idols. I would love to be a physique girl like them one day! In 2016 my boyfriend and I decided to try our hand at competing after a friend told us how great it was. We competed for the first time ever in April 2016 at the NANBF Pittsburgh Natural, in the women's figure and men's physique divisions, both receiving 5th place novice. We competed in the same divisions for a second time in August 2016 at the NPC Elite physique show in Pittsburgh, both receiving 3rd place novice (Click to view photos). I competed in figure a third time at the OCB Best of the burgh show on April 22 2017 bringing home 4th place in the novice and open classes. I am about to compete in figure yet again this Saturday, May 20th 2017 at the NPC Mid Atlantic Cup.

My contest prep diet is mostly egg whites, fish, chicken, broccoli, and white rice. Mostly carbs, proteins, veggies, and a little bit of fats. Very clean and very good. Off season won't be too different. Portion sizes will increase gradually so I can start growing, and we'll switch up my carb and protein sources and maybe add in more fats. I'll also be able to have cheat meals here and there.
The contest prep diet I've been on currently has been amazing for my weight loss. I was 155lbs in December 2016 and am now 119lbs, five months of hard work. I haven't had a growing season yet so I'm excited to see what's in store! I have tried other diets for previous contests that failed horribly.

The first time competing was quite rough. I was working with a coach that put me on a starvation diet, eating only small amounts of broccoli, white rice, and salmon. The second time I was just winging it myself and attempted a "keto" diet with 3 hours of cardio and not much luck. Both times, my body wasn't getting any of the nutrients it needed to maintain muscle and burn fat. I also rebounded quite badly after the first two shows, gaining 20lbs in a week and going from 128lbs up to 155lbs in a very short time. It was very unhealthy and I began to do even more unhealthy things like binge and purge. After my struggle with bulimia I decided that if I wanted to do this bodybuilding thing, I needed real help. So I contacted a new coach, IFBB Pro Theresa Ivancik in December 2016 and could not have made a better decision! She has changed my life!

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With Theresa.

I have had weight and self esteem issues my entire life, and lifting/bodybuilding is my stress relief/therapy for those issues. Working with Theresa has helped me overcome my struggles with weight, food, and self control. She has also helped me gain the confidence in myself to achieve anything I believe I can do. Having an incredible family support system also helped me gain the confidence I needed to get myself on stage. My boyfriend Nick has been behind me 100%, supporting me, encouraging me, and being there no matter what. Stepping on stage is a celebration of my hard work and dedication. I have overcome so much in such a short time, and I am finally proud of the person I have become. I went from hiding behind baggy clothes and covering up at the beach to proudly displaying my hard earned physique. Each time I get up there, I want to be better in some way, doesn't matter how, I just want to improve upon myself with each show.

The diet and training are based on my goals. Right now I'm on prep, so I'm dieting down for my show. But I lift six days a week, one body part per day. Legs are trained twice per week very high volume. Everything is high volume high intensity with moderate weight. I like to fully exhaust myself and give it everything I possibly have. If I'm not dead tired when I'm done, I didn't work hard enough and sometimes retrain if I don't think it's good enough. Once I go into off season, I will train the same just increase my weights. Right now I'm doing two sessions of cardio per day, each 30min. Cardio will be occasional in off season, but rare.

My latest show was quite exciting. I had an amazing time! I was incredibly nervous at the beginning and time seemed to stand still from the time I checked in until the moment I got on stage, I just wanted to be out there. I didn't place very well, 4/5, but I didn't even care, because I had accomplished so much more than that. I overcame my internal struggles, lost 34lbs, gained self confidence, and brought my best package to the stage to date. That was my win right there. Finally being proud of my body and happy with myself was way more of a win than any trophy.

Being an athlete has affected my life in so many ways. The drive, determination, and dedication it takes carries over into everyday life. I put everything I have into everything I do. It has made me healthier, happier, and more productive. I have more energy than ever before, am able to think clearly, and accomplish things I never thought possible. Being an athlete has also helped me influence people all around me to live healthier lifestyles, which is pretty cool. It has sparked a whole new lifelong journey to become more involved in the fitness industry. Being an athlete has also changed my relationship. My boyfriend Nick and I both body build and compete. It challenges us, tests us, causes us to push and encourage each other further, and support each other that much more. It has honestly made our relationship stronger.

I have no idea what the future holds, but I have a lot of big dreams. I love figure, but I would really like to move up to the physique division. I have a few years of hard work ahead of me, but I'm looking forward to it! My dream is to build a physique similar to that of Dana Linn Bailey. I'd like to compete in women's physique, and eventually go pro. I'm also working towards becoming a personal trainer and getting more involved in the fitness industry as a career. I love helping people, and I'd love to change someone's life the way Theresa has changed mine.

Contact info:
Email: keegankailin@yahoo.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keegankailin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lynn.keegan.14

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