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Julianne: The main reason why I wanted to compete is because Iím trying to find that next level in my fitness, so to speak. Even before competing, I trained 6 days a week, ate clean, calculated my macros, and so on, but I needed and wanted more. I wanted something to aspire to, and to push myself towards. Iím competitive in nature and played softball for years, after that ended I got into various exercises until I stumbled upon weightlifting, from there I craved more. The people I look up to most in the fitness industry and want to look like compete as well, which made me have that urge to start even more. Jessie Hilgenberg, Dana Linn Bailey and Nicole Wilkins are just a few of the stunning competitors Iíd see in a magazine or sponsored by my favorite companies. When I saw them, Iíd always say to myself, ďman, I wish that was me,Ē or ďI wish I looked like that or had abs like that,Ē and so on. It finally hit me one day that that could be me featured or sponsored, but I needed to start somewhere, just as they did, and talking about it wasnít going to get me anywhere.

Honestly, as far as nutrition, Iím very lucky in the fact that I donít naturally tend to have cravings. In my offseason Iím still a clean eater, I donít eat processed foods or have drinks loaded with sugars and sodium. Do I have a cheat here or there? Absolutely, but I do that when Iím prepping too. I think for anyone, balance is everything, otherwise youíll drive yourself crazy. The main difference, however, is my carb intake. My carb sources come from brown rice, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, rice cakes and Ezekiel bread mainly, but while Iím prepping my carbs get cut down.

Iím one of those people who donít tend to lean out easily and decreasing carbs helps me lean out, but I still have one carb load day a week which keeps my metabolism going. Also, I do consume dairy in my offseason, whereas while Iím prepping I donít. When Iím focusing on adding muscle my macros are usually about 200g Protein, 150 Carbs, 60 Fats, so my calories are well over 2,000. When Iím leaning out though everything gets cut, and my meats switch to the leanest possible, so a lot of fish and chicken, and right now Iím sitting at about 1,200 calories and my carb load day takes me up to 1,600.

Failed diets - Donít even get me started on If It Fits Your Macros (IIFM) I understand the importance of balance, proper reverse dieting, and restarting your metabolism, however, thereís such a thing as nutrient density. For instance, a piece of salmon and a piece of steak may have the same calories, but theyíre going to be digested differently and offer a different amino acid profile. What you eat is just as important as the amount. And there is also more to food than just protein, carbs and fat. No, I donít believe you need to live off of salad and tilapia, but, I also donít believe that just because a Poptart has a certain amount of carbs that it should be worked into your diet because itís not going to offer the same nutrients.

Do I believe in having a Poptart as a cheat or treat if you want it occasionally? Of course. One bad meal wonít make you fat just like one good meal wonít make you healthy. Even when Iím not prepping I just donít believe in putting unnatural, processed, sugary foods in my body. I fully believe that part of Americaís obesity problem comes from the huge access to food that is so overly processed that it doesnít expire until years from now. Imagine that going through your system. I just donít want to take part in it. I like to eat food as often as possible found in its most natural state.

My supplements vary just as often as my workouts do. I canít stand thermogenic powders, they tear up my stomach where I feel jittery, nauseous and sick. But, in order to lean out and help me with fat loss I started taking Jetfuel, which is a thermogenic in a pill form. It helps me to also stay focused and concentrated, especially since Iím low on energy and finishing out another semester in college. I donít have bad side effects at all from that. I take CLA as well, CLA is found in lean red meat, but since Iím not eating red meat I supplement it, this just helps with body composition. Also, because of my diet restrictions I take a multivitamin powder supplement by Gaspari Nutrition, I love the orange flavor. The last supplements I take are of course whey isolate protein powder post-workout and an amino acid supplement.

The protein I use is usually either by Cellucor or Bodytech. Cellucor has amazing flavors like cinnamon swirl and red velvet cake batter and Bodytech has mint chocolate protein so I always grab as many as I can when theyíre on sale. As you get further along in your diet prep your body will naturally start craving sweets and fats because of how much youíre burning so these flavors make me feel like Iím having a milkshake or a cheat, when really itís perfectly healthy for me.

As far as my amino acids, I use Modern BCAAís in either blue raspberry or watermelon flavor. They have the most pure aminos with no fillers. This helps with soreness especially. I used to take preworkouts all the time but my body got used to those so I just throw those in occasionally now on heavy lifting days or Iíll just get an Americano at a local coffee shop since itís four espresso shots with water. Yes, I am crazy lol. If I do use a preworkout itís either Rhino by Musclesport or Neon Volt by Cellucor.

My workouts vary greatly and differ week by week. One week Iíll do everything with very high-reps (20-30) and the next Iíll lift heavier with only 12-15 reps. Muscle has memory so my training is based around constantly surprising my body. I also train legs twice a week, calves four times a week, glutes four times a week, and abs three times a week, the remaining muscle groups like chest, shoulders, back and arms, I usually train once. I utilize free weights whenever possible but also throw in plenty of cable work. Dropsets and supersets are my go-to so my body just constantly goes and doesnít stop, this way Iím done in about an hour. Iím doing fasted cardio twice a week and HIIT workouts three times a week. You definitely canít out train a bad diet, and although itís hard to lift and have energy on low carb days you just have to fight through it and ask yourself how bad do you want it?

Future plans - I plan on competing in the Grand Rapids NPC Show May 24th, after that Iím going to see how I place and what the feedback is from the judges and spend the summer working on my weaknesses, from there I went to compete in the Western show, which is in the Fall. I donít plan on stopping, I want to work at this until Iím one of the best, achieve my pro card, and hopefully get my name out there and sponsored. Most importantly I just want to help others and inspire them. Thatís why Iím majoring in Physical Therapy, my passion is helping people in any way possible. I just want to be one of those people others meet at their lowest point and get them through. All it takes is one person and sometimes youíre that person who motivates someone to even just get out of bed in the morning and keep going. I want to be that person for someone.

Blog: www.weightsshakesandpancakes.blogspot.com
Instagram: @Fit_As_Latz
Email: julielatuszek@gmail.com

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Julianne Latuszek

Julianne Latuszek

Julianne Latuszek