Julia Kedrzycki - Figure Competitor

I was always an athlete but always had issues with my weight. Being a competitive tennis player and being overweight was always a struggle. I had gone through a stressful time period, and had started losing weight. It started off losing weight the wrong way, but then decided to do a kick start in the healthy direction. I went from weighing 215lbs to 125lbs in about 2 years. Since having abs was always an unrealistic dream for me I decided to make it a reality by competing in a bodybuilding competition.


My diet off season consists of A LOT of fruits and vegetables. I actually eat significantly less in the off season. My pre-contest diet is eating so much more then Iím used to. However the balance between carbs, protein, and vegetables has helped me lose weight and gain muscle drastically.
The diet plans that failed my expectation was during my first competition I went to a dietician with no experience in body building. I prepped for my show for 6 months and for 3 of those months I had no results. Unfortunately dieticians are fantastic when you are the average person, not so much for competitions.

My training program was strictly lifting and cardio. Balancing training and diet was easy for the most part. Sometimes coming home from the gym after a long day sitting at the office meal prepping would seem like a chore. But I got the hang of things fairly quickly.

I knew how far I had come on my own fitness journey, that I went on stage knowing I had tried my best. Thatís the only confidence I needed. Also being surrounded by a very supportive boyfriend, and a group of close friends helped tremendously.
I found that the judges and women surrounding me were extremely supportive and helpful during the process. Especially my first contest was extremely nerve wrecking, the athlete check-in and the members of the OPA did a fantastic job in calming all of our nerves down.

Iíve been an athlete since I was a child, I played competitive tennis up until the age of 23, and then decided to move towards body building since making the pro tour wasnít financially possible for me. It does affect eating food out and drinking, but to be honest I love home cooked meals and alcohol was never my vice.

I am entering the King Kong Classic November 11th. Potentially changing my category, I am extremely excited.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jkedrzycki

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