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I started my prep on march 27th for my 1st figure competition on July 30th, as a single mom of 2 children my youngest is 12, whom I got to make sure is up in the morning to get ready and drop him to school before 8:30am, my challenge is balancing my fasted cardio in the mornings especially, Monday's, Tuesdays & Fridays. I am on shift 9-1pm on those days. Monday's I teach 2 classes back to back and Friday's 1.

I train 6 days per week Sunday to Friday, I train each body part twice per week. Sundays I train shoulders & legs, Monday's Chest, triceps & abs & Tuesdays Back, traps & biceps these are my heavy days. 4 sets 11-20 reps, or 6 to 8 reps then drop 20% and rep out a few times. I like to trick my muscle to prevent plateau so I use resistance bands sometimes. I love variations in my training. Wednesday's to Friday same body parts but I would go 5 to 6 sets about 50% weight reps 25 - 30. Cardio after training sometimes HIIT. But prepping now in the past 2 weeks that change to 30 minutes fasted cardio slow I use mostly the stair master intervals between level 6 to 8 . Weights now all my sessions are as heavy as possible to maintain muscle mass and 30 minutes cardio in the evenings. Now I do 6 hrs cardio per week and 9hrs weight training per week.

My calories intake is much lower now especially my carbohydrates, first week was the hardest I felt, drain and weak and I train 6 days per week and I also have my personal training clients too. It has taken me a minute to get use to my new normal, of my energy level dipping and having to ensure I have my meals on time as being a real challenge especially on the days I am at the gym for my shift.

My challenges are getting to the gym doing my 30mins fasted cardio getting home waking up my son, getting my breakfast in as quick as possible, getting ready to leave out while my body just want to lay down.

Julia Hunter

During all of this I got to spend time with my son now is on holiday for Easter. On Friday it was my friend's birthday party I finished my last cardio session at 7pm got home just in time for my last meal ate it on crash out on my floor, I was meant to be at my friends party for 9pm I got up off my floor at gone 10pm didn't make it until nearly midnight it finishes at 1am lol. Saturday I woke up at 10am because I had forgotten to set my alarm to get up to have breakfast at 7am so I had to play crazy catch up to ensure I got all 5 meals in.

But I wouldn't have it any other way I love to challenge myself, alongside this I am working on my business running classes outside of my gym shift and pt clients it's crazy.

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Julia Hunter