Judit Gyenis - Figure Competitor

My name is Judit Gyenis. I live in Hungary. My first competition was in autumn 2013.
At the gyms where I used to train I was told that I had good genetics and it would be worth competing. But I didnít take such comments seriously for many years. When one of my acquaintances whom I trust also started to encourage me I asked one of my sports instructors, a former world champion, to help me decide whether itís worth thinking about competing. When we started the preparation in May 2013 I had been training for 11 years. That year in October I was on stage.

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During my first pre-contest diet I changed the amount of the carbohydrates 4 days long. On the 4th day I only had protein, no carbohydrates. Excluding carbohydrates was the biggest mistake I made in my pre-contest nutrition, because I became flat and lost a lot of my muscles.

Both off-season and pre-contest period I pay attention to my regular nutrition. I rarely use scales, because my daily energy-need is influenced by different things: the time spent with relaxation and work, intensity and length of workout, energy-use during work, liquid intake, stress and speed of metabolism. Therefore I watch for the signals of my body. Me and my body are getting on well with each-other more and more.

All my meals contain high-quality protein. I have cut down on my daily carbohydrate-intake in the past few months and increased my fat-intake. My daily protein-intake is less than 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight. I have one portion protein shake a day: half a portion of it with the porridge for breakfast and another half after workout. Iíve got lactose sensitivity so I donít have any dairy products in my nutrition. I only drink alternative milk with my coffee. The difference between my off-season and pre-contest diet is that I cut down on the amount, I leave out the fruit from my porridge and the milk from my coffee. There isn't any diet which would be ideal for all of us. You have to take time to get to know what kind of nutrition is the best for you. I take 20 grams of glutamin a day, too.
Diet and workout build up the shape you compete with in a competition. My drive to go on stage was curiosity. I wanted to know the value of the work and effort I had invested. Did I have the necessary self-confidence that time? I donít think so. If I had believe in myself I would have been more determined on stage. You know, I invested a lot of energy into workouts and nutrition; I didnít practise the poses enough, however. So I couldnít really show the shape I had built up by that time. Now I have been practising a lot for my own pleasure.
As for my self-confidence: under construction.

I plan my workouts depending on how much time I have for it. I always change my trainings. I do exercises I feel like doing. I usually have trainings on weekdays and I relax at weekends. Strength trainings are followed by intensive cardio-trainings (10-20 mins.). My workouts includes in the last year much more functional and bodyweight exercises than before.

I took part in a competition in May 2016 for the last time. It was a totally different experience than the ones I had in previous competitions. I enjoyed to be both on stage and backstage. I felt no stress. I felt a little strange in that atmosphere. I donít want the way I live and train to be judged by others. I want to live up to myself only and nobody else.

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I think life is much more colorful than the life you have to lead when preparing for competitions and I would like to live a colorful one: with more spontaneity, social life and flexibility.


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