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Update, May 2017

Thank you Jonathan for asking me to be featured again.
Since the last article that I did with you, I did get my Pro Card in Figure with NSL in Denver Colorado April 2016. NSL is a new organization founded on the principles of equality, opportunity and transparency... NSL shows are amazing, with such a positive atmosphere... We as athletes feel so appreciated by the way we are treated at the NSL shows for all of our hard work... We are treated as family. The NSL shows are not like any show I've ever done... They are all for the competitor. We can checkin with our phones. No more long waits. The morning show starts around noon, with a short break for lunch and then we come back for finals.

Left picture weight 127 Right picture weight 136 MacrosCoach.com Use code Juanita20 for 20% off

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I'm still training with Dustin M Rhoads doing Flexible Dieting. I wouldn't prep any other way. I still eat 80% whole foods and probably 20% flexible. Flexible by adding in my Nachos for dinner and Fiber One Brownies and Ice Cream for snack before I go to bed. I'm 11 weeks out from my First Pro Show with NSL. I lift weights 5 days a week and do 2 10 minute sessions of HITT a week. I'm sure we will make more changes to my macros as we get closer to my show or we will change my training.

I really can't complain about any unpleasant experiences with my prep since I started with Flexible Dieting. I don't walk around weak from being low calorie with excessive cardio like some of my past preps. We do come down with my macros but it's a slow process and we try not to add cardio unless needed.

Being an athlete doesn't really change my life because it's a way of life for me. I've always worked out. Social activities can change things a little, especially if you do not plan your meals ahead of time!

I really can't speculate the future for me because I'm so involved with my family. I do know that I will always love the sport and I have a passion to help others.

Thank you again Jonathan.

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