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I have always had an interest in body building and competing but the timing was never quite right. In my 20's I was focused on building my personal training and massage business. In my 30's all my efforts went toward opening JQ's BFit2, a boutique health club. In my 40's I've finally found the right time! Lol

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Diet wise I follow the Keto Lifestyle and modify according to my goals. The body is adept at adapting so keeping your macros and calories in flux allows the body to change and make progress. I'm still learning how my body handles off season and contest prep so I'm always open to tweaking my diet and training. I keep my carbs between 10% - 20%, protein between 25-30%, fat 55- 65%. I practice a regime of intermittent fasting and 1-2 day weekly carb cycling (carbs 40/protein 30/fat 30). My fat macros stay somewhat high. An avocado a day makes sure of it! I also vary my caloric intake during the week according to training load. I'm a big fan of adding cheat meals and using them strategically. My diet changes very little during contest prep with the exception of progressive caloric reduction. Of course I have to say goodbye to those yummy cheat meals but it's a pretty gradual parting of the ways. Lol

Throughout the year I take a holistic approach to training. I combine HIIT strength and cardio training, fat burning cardio, heavy lifting and functional training. I try to make sure that my off season training is more intuitive and less rigid. However, having a strategy and a specific agenda are just as important. This off season my goal is to add some quality muscle so I will be keeping my cardio to a minimum but continuing to use HIIT. The focus is on heavier lifts, adding in those all important recovery days and increasing my calories.

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Being on stage is the culmination of all your hard work and being up there with all the other spectacular female physiques is both a proud and humbling experience. Make no mistake, it's still nerve wrecking knowing that the judges will be picking your physique apart but we are all up there together. No one is a harsher critique than yourself so I'm already very much aware of my weaknesses and areas in need of improvement. Having the judges expert eye reinforce or offer a different perspective can only benefit. In the end you know how hard you've worked, the sacrifices you've made and how far you've come. Being on stage is a celebration of all of that and more.

I actually have mixed emotions on competition day. I want to simultaneously savour every moment and yet get it over and done with. The hardest part for me is the waiting and lag time. What I loved about my last show, The Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, (apart from winning my pro card) is that it implements a really effective way to keep athletes informed of the schedule. You're able to sign up for the text alert system that tells you when your division should be back stage prepping. I also appreciate the fact that you can have someone back stage with you. In my case it's my husband and it's just reassuring to have him with me.

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Competing can be all consuming and the challenge to find the right balance between home life, clients, and the club is tricky. As long as I can keep my body, family and gym happy I hope to continue my BB journey and eventually step onto the Olympia stage.

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